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In the Beginning

on March 31, 2011

So, here I go.  Entering into the blogosphere and into unknown territory.  I honestly wasn’t sure if I should do this or not but since we have so many family and friends who are spread near and wide, I decided to give it a try.

As of today, I’m 18 weeks and 4 days pregnant.  You may or may not know the whole story so I’ll give a brief summary just to give you a little background.

If you know anything about me and Joel, you know that we never planned on having any children.  In fact, as a friend reminded me recently, I had a numbered list of reasons why not to have children.  As you’ll find out, God has dramatically changed my outlook, as well as Joel’s.

In December, my dad had a minor heart attack which led to quadruple bypass surgery the following week… the week of Christmas.  The day after the surgery, Joel and I returned home and later that evening spent some time praying for various things in our lives.  That night, Joel prayed that God would “birth joy” in me.  Now, keep in mind that neither of us were thinking of children at all.  I knew there were some things that weren’t normal going on with my body but I had no idea I was pregnant.  I just logged it in my memory bank and decided I’d think about it later.

The next week, we were once again praying and Joel prayed that “joy would leap in” my “womb as John the Baptist leapt in Elisabeth’s womb.”  Again, I logged it in but didn’t really ponder on it too much.  I remember mentioning something to my best friend about the possibility because of the things going on that weren’t normal in me, but I just wrote it off.

The following Sunday, we decided to pick up a couple of tests, just so we could rule out that as being what’s “going on with my body.”  They both came back positive.  After a trip to the doctor two days later, it was confirmed that we are having a baby.

Fast forward to today.  I started feeling the baby about two weeks ago.  I remember distinctly thinking, “Could this be the baby that I’m feeling fluttering around in there?”  I didn’t say anything until I felt the baby in the same spot again the next night.  Since then, I’m trying to be more aware of what could be baby movements and what couldn’t.

As you can tell by the picture, I have a definitive “bump” which is still surprising to us both.  I look down and don’t really see anything different.  But then I look at my profile in a mirror and it’s kind of shocking!  I really want to go on a diet because I’m not sure where that thing that was my stomach came from!!  😉

I haven’t really had any weird cravings.  I notice easily when I eat too much, which is actually more often than I like to admit.  I try not to overeat, but I’m so excited about enjoying the taste of food again, it’s hard to stop!  During my first trimester, I was mostly nauseated but never throwing up.  I haven’t had this overabundance of energy that everyone assured me would return during my second trimester, but maybe I’m just a little behind.  It seems that I’ve been more tired in the last couple of weeks than I was a month ago.

Other than heartburn after everything I eat, I’ve felt really good the last couple of weeks.  Thankfully I found some herbal tea for heartburn at Babies R Us that’s been great!  It’s much better tasting than Tums.  🙂  Oh and my ankles were swollen for some strange reason last week for about two days, but they’re back to normal now.  Maybe I just wasn’t drinking all of my water for those two days.

We haven’t really had any ideas for names.  Whenever we talk about it, we just kind of get stuck.  I’ve never given a thought to what names I liked because I never planned on naming another human being.  Give me a cat to name any day of the week and I’m on it.  But a child???  What an awesome responsibility!

Most of the time, we still have to remind ourselves that we’re having a baby.  It’s such a foreign thought process, I really feel like I’m in some dream-like state all the time.

My next doctor’s visit is April 14th.  This is THE day!  We find out the sex of the baby!!  I honestly am soo excited to find out!!  Joel’s still trying to catch up to the idea that we’re really having a baby.

In case you can’t tell, I’m trying to cover all of the questions that have been posed to us in the past few weeks.  If I missed your question, please forgive me.  As you may or may not be aware, even though this is the last day of March, we’re still in the midst of March madness and the NIT championship was playing in the background during this writing.  I get distracted easily.  🙂

As I’ve said to most of you several times, we both really appreciate the excitement that this baby has generated with everyone we know.  All have shown us so much support, encouragement, and love.  It’s really overwhelming to think that so many others saw us in ways we couldn’t see ourselves… as parents.

I may not update this blog daily, but don’t think I’ve pushed it to the side.  My life’s not so exciting that something needs to be posted daily.  🙂  Trust me, if something new happens with the baby, I’ll post about it.

Thanks for being interested in our lives as we travel on this journey.

6 responses to “In the Beginning

  1. Susan says:

    Nothing has to “happen” for you to write – lol! Tell us what has been your favorite baby product find! What are your favorite decorating idea? Favorite baby store online? And the beat goes one – trust me – I could come up with a thousand questions – 🙂

  2. Janet Bush says:

    We are so happy for you two! You will be wonderful parents. What is your due date? I will be anxious to hear if I am going to have a great-niece or nephew 😉
    Love you guys.

  3. Mary Beth Rumble says:

    Oh, Kristin, this is such fabulous news! You two really are going to be such incredible parents! You have so much love, wisdom, creativity, and patience to give another person! God is really so good and it does seem to come in the most unexpected ways! Congratulations!

  4. rave.n says:

    This is going to be awesome to read.

    You know I heard something in passing on Good Morning America, or a similar show, about an online site that helps you track baby milestones and at the end you can actually print out a “baby book”.

    Quite a few of the women interviewed said the process made the final product more personable because the final product didn’t have blank pages or spots. it was a completely tailored/custom book.

    Anyway … so excited about keeping up with your blog!

  5. Valerie says:


    I’m so glad Joel gave me the link for your blog. I’m just so happy for you both and I look forward to reading how things are progressing with you. Maybe we need to be careful what we ask Joel to pray for!!! I had to laugh when I read what he prayed for and how Father answered – that’s just like Father to answer in such a way as we don’t ever think or imagine!!! You look radiant. Trust you’re keeping well.

  6. Mom Spencer says:

    Hey shopping day again.
    a. 2 pack first year GUMDROP Newborn pacifiers
    b. Deluxe Dishwasher Basket with 1 FREE Soft-Tip Spoon [Lime green & White]
    Love ya and always thinking of you and prayinf for you.

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