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The Adventures of One Woman's Journey Into Motherhood

19 weeks

on April 4, 2011

Well, it’s official… we’re past the half way point to having a baby.  Okay, so that’s crazy sounding to both of us.

Let’s see if I can answer some of the newest questions I’ve recently been asked.

Online shopping:  Not really doing too much shopping right now.  We just put signs in the yard to try and sell our house.  We’re hoping to move to south Habersham area to be closer to my work and friends that are down there.  Made a trip to Ikea yesterday and came out with only a shower rod.  We even had money to spend from the yard sale on Saturday.  I know, disappointing… but reality and wisdom kicked in when we just couldn’t justify the cost to fill up the house with more stuff that we had just worked so hard to get rid of.

My due date:  As of right now, my due date is August 29th.  In case you don’t know, that just happens to be Joel’s birthday as well.  I figure I’m off the hook this year for a birthday present.  🙂  We’ll probably have a better date idea after the ultrasound next week.

Decorating ideas:  Again, since we’re trying to sell the house, we haven’t really put too much thought into decorating anything.  We JUST finished painting our spare bedroom and bathroom and making it look like a normal spare bedroom and not the huge closet it had become.  The room is blue (thanks to Richard & Susan!) and the bathroom is green with everything accented with dark brown.  Maybe that’s why I’m liking green and brown right now.  🙂  Even if we don’t sell the house and we stay here, I doubt we’ll do too much to change the look of the room.  Will just have to add some heavy curtains to block out the light.

Feeling weary now, so I’m heading to bed.  More to come soon…

One response to “19 weeks

  1. Winola Swinks says:

    You are so cute! I am ecstatic for the two of you! Keep us updated and congratulations again. Winola

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