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If you don’t want to know…

on April 14, 2011

or you would rather not know right now, then please… stop reading right now.  🙂

Oh and if you don’t want to see an ultrasound picture, then you might want to not read further as well.  🙂

So we found out this afternoon that we are having a …………. boy!!  🙂

During the ultrasound, he was moving and shaking so much that the technician almost couldn’t get any pictures of him.  I told her that he gets that from his daddy.  🙂

As you can probably tell, we’re super excited.  No revelatory names today but maybe soon.  We’re just happy to know we have one healthy baby boy!

5 responses to “If you don’t want to know…

  1. Elisabeth says:

    YAY!!!! Everyone in my house is so excited! Caroline wanted to know if the baby was “out of KK’s tummy now?!” You look fabulous…can’t wait to see you! Love love love you!

  2. Stacie says:

    Congratulations to you both!! I am so excited for y’all.
    Much love,
    Stacie (Swinks) Konkle

  3. Winola Swinks says:

    CONGRAULATIONS KRISTEN AND JOEL! I know Joel is probably doing cartwheels!

  4. beverly worley says:

    Kristen and Joel…I just had to comment…..
    CONGRATULATIONS!!!! Kristen, never thought we’d ever see that little bump in your middle – NEVER!!!! You guys sound excited and I am thrilled for you. What good parents you are going to be and what fun you are in for!! I am just very excited, tickled and thrilled for you and I wanted you to know. God is good…. 🙂

  5. Nancy Bailey says:

    Kristen & Joel,

    CONGRATULATIONS!! Can’t wait to hear more about this next phase of your life.

    What a blessing of God is on your life!

    Nancy Bailey

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