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Baby kicks

on April 19, 2011

Just finished eating at Bells and was sitting here reading emails when I realized that I was being kicked in the belly.  Still a foreign thought at the present time, I leaned back and, sure enough, I could feel my little man punching or kicking away at me.  I asked him if I was squishing him and he was punching for some room.  He seems to be shy and retreats when I try to put my hand where he’s kicking.  But this time I caught him red-handed and felt him just as plain as day.

As a friend of mine has said before about the whole pregnancy… I have just entered The Twilight Zone… duh duh duhhhh.

Nonetheless, I’m sitting in awe of all that God has and is doing in our lives.  I thank Him daily for the creation of this child and that He has chosen me to be the vessel through which this human being will come to life.  Me!  What an incredible responsibility!!  And I’m not going to let anything steal the joy that has and is coming from this life inside of me.

In case you’re not aware, we’ve had some trials, albeit minor, over the course of the last month.  First, we had a major issue with our sewer line and had to pay to get it fixed… an expense we were not prepared to make but God made the finances appear.  Second, on the way to my OB appointment last week, Joel had a not too minor and not major fender bender with an Escalade in Toccoa.  Having received the police report today, we found out that he was not ticketed for the accident (God’s provision)!!  We still have to get the truck repaired but have found someone who’s willing to do it relatively inexpensively.  Much better than having to buy a new (to us) one.  Third, it seems that one of our two cats, Monroe, may have died over the last two days.  Now I know that’s not a big deal to a lot of people, but we had him since he was born.  We haven’t seen him since Sunday.  The last we saw him, he was not breathing well at all.  We are assuming that he did not live through to Monday.  Fourth, my best friend moved to Louisville, KY this past weekend.  I knew the weekend was coming since Feb. but it hasn’t made it any easier for me.  (If it says anything at all, I’m sitting here crying while I type.)  I already miss her terribly but I know that God has a purpose for this time in our lives.

I say all of this to say that nothing is going to steal the joy we have over this child.  I’m determined to walk in joy and awe every day as we get closer to having this baby.  He is the ultimate blessing in our lives.  I know that things may seem tough or not going the way we planned, but neither was having a child part of our plans.  And I know that the joy and excitement that is growing in me is not something I can conjure up.  Thankfully, I’m fully aware that joy does not mean I will always be happy.  Joy doesn’t mean that things will always go my way.  Nor will it mean that I will look like I’m thrilled with every situation.  God’s joy that He’s giving to me goes much deeper than the surface and the circumstances that surround our lives.  His joy is lasting and deep and gives me more peace than I ever imagined I would be capable of in every situation.

I am thrilled to be carrying this little man inside me.  I am beginning to see the bigger picture of the joy that Joel prayed over me at the first of the year.  And to think… I may have never known this kind of joy had it been my way only.  God is faithful… always.

3 responses to “Baby kicks

  1. Val says:

    You are in a beautiful place and I am thankful for the beautiful words. It takes me back over 19 years and the anticipation of our son (unexpected but greatly treasured )!! Praying your adventure continues in and through God’s plan. Blessings! 🙂

  2. Winola Swinks says:

    A wonderful blog! How precious todays email was to me for so many reason. Do you remember when we spoke of you getting pregnant and I felt like you would? Well, it just goes to show you GOD did have you in his plan to raise that child up for HIM! That was what I felt when I said I thought you would get pregnant. I don’t try to say I know what GOD is thinking, but I just felt like you would be Blessed with a child. I also got some news today that I want to share with you so I will call you tomorrow and talk it over. Don’t want to put it on the internet! I love you girl and am so happy that you are getting to experience this awesome time in your life. It only gets better and better as “he” will grow to be a man. Each time is awesome. I love you, “Aunt” Winola

  3. Veronica says:

    Thanks for the encouragement…. I know that doesn’t make sense, I’m not pregnant “I promise” =] but just last night I was thinking how everything that’s going on in my life, with all the wrong doing and tribulations… it has REALLY token a lot of my joy out of my life…. to the degree of not wanting to face another day. I’m so PROUD of you for handling your issues in a beautiful and Godly manner… I have not been very pleasant this past year, I know it’s because I’m just simply tired… but for you Kristen, I can not tell you how delighted I am that you are pregnant. Your glow, your beautiful smile, and your joy makes me want to squeeze you to death! =] I am so thankful that God had chosen you to carry one of his beautiful blessings, a child. Considering God has giving me a gift and love for children, I really know and understand how beautiful a child being apart of a person life can be. In every little thing like, their hand resting on your chest as they sleep, washing their baby clothes, changing their diaper, feeling their little fingers wrapped around your finger, or for now every kick… take every moment and soak it all up, because it ALL goes by fast! As you go through all these wonderful blessing I promise JOY will seem such a small and simple word to describe the feelings in your heart. So, take a million pictures of your belly!!! Even though, it’s only a small part of a VERY beautiful blessing. THANK YOU for sharing your thoughts, feelings, and pregnancy to us! I can not wait to spoil this little man =]

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