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24 weeks…

on May 10, 2011

And still growing strong!  So I decided to update a little on the latest happenings in our world.  First, I am officially 24 weeks as of yesterday.  Our little man is growing bigger by the day and so am I.  I have another doctor’s appointment on Thursday with more ultrasounds.  If we take a DVD this time, they’ll copy the pictures for us!  Very exciting!!

So here I am at 24 weeks, sporting a new cardigan that my sweet hubby picked up at the store for me yesterday.

Just a note, my hair is in pigtails because today was Cowboy day at our facility.  Nursing Home Week is quite exhausting so far.  🙂  And I guess I’m probably contemplating names for the baby, but in reality it was just a cute pose.

We went to Asheville for our anniversary and had a great time.  We stayed at the Cedar Crest Inn and were blown away by our accommodations.  Let’s just say that’s a manner to which I could become accustomed, if money were no object.

Our last day there, we stumbled onto a festival downtown celebrating local artisans and encouraging to buy local.  Well, we supported the Asheville market that day by purchasing the items below:

The artwork is for me, but the rest is for our little man.  The “boo boo beastie” can be put in the freezer or the microwave for boo boos.  We just loved the bib, made by the same group as the “beastie.”  The handmade shoes were just too adorable to pass up.  Again, if money were no object, we would have probably had to rent a trailer to get all of the stuff back that we wanted.  (For those who might be interested in these quirky items, see Deona FishCranky Pants and Seven Feathers Tribe websites.  I absolutely LOVE the artwork by Deona Fish!!)

Before we went to Asheville, we were blessed with the below brand new items for the baby:

One of Joel’s customers asked if we were interested and of course he said yes!  Pretty amazing to see just how God is providing for us!!

This past weekend, I was personally blessed by a very good friend of mine who gave me money to get the below:

No, that’s not me in the picture.  We thought that might be a little awkward.  🙂  Not only was I able to get the Boppy pillow, but I was also able to get some maternity jeans, capris, and a shirt at a consignment shop in Buford.  Score several for mommy!

While at the consignment shop, Joel found the below that we just had to get:

I love the solid brown one but they are all too cute!  While in Buford, we were able to pick up our crib, thanks to the Spencer family.  We weren’t sure it would fit in the Pilot, but sure enough, it did.  Had it been an inch bigger, we would have had to leave it!

The spare bedroom is starting to look like we’ve entered another dimension.  Thankfully we have a large attic and have been able to store some things offsite while we’re still trying to sell the house.  Unfortunately, closets that were once neat and nearly empty have somehow gotten filled again.

Joel felt and saw the baby move on Sunday.  Apparently he (the baby) loves chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream and homemade fried chicken.  He goes bonkers when I eat the ice cream!  A boy after my own heart!!!

The big question on everyone’s lips is do we have names yet.  Well, not really.  We’ve talked about some but right now we’re just waiting.  I think we still have a little bit of time.  🙂

Well, that’s an exhaustive “catch up” with the pictures included.  I thought y’all might enjoy seeing a little into our world for now.  As always, there is more to come!

8 responses to “24 weeks…

  1. Susan says:

    Love the new cardigan and you with pigtails 🙂 You got some great items – super! And a child after my own heart – jump and dance for ice cream – woo hoo. Happy nesting 😛

  2. Harriet says:

    Awwwww Kristin, I cried while reading your joy filled update. You sound so incredible! You LOOK so incrdible! Pregnancy agrees with you!! You and Joel are so very blessed by God and I LOVE watching and hearing ALL about it! (((((all 3 of you)))))

    ps..the finds are outstanding! (and the gifts are too!)

  3. Lindsey says:

    What a great picture! So much different in just two weeks! You are a very cute pregnant lady!!! 🙂

  4. Hetty says:

    Hey I tried to comment last night but it didn’t show up. So here is what I said. I like the pigtails! You look so cute in this picture. Miss you! Oh yeah the bib with the mustache is cool!

  5. Mom Spencer says:

    Hey Hey, liked all the updates/pics. Bought you something yesterday, But Hee Hee, it will remain a surprise until we see you. Wow, truly no denying you are pregnant. 🙂 :)Glad that crib fit in the car. Rachel & Dave were so glad to be a part along with Ross. Every time I think that wee little one will sleep in that bed some day, I get excited !!!!!
    Love you and pray for you and Joel and grandson #5.

  6. Janet Bush says:

    Hey Kristin~
    Love reading your updates. You look wonderful! Do you have a facebook page too? Please let me know where you are registered. We will be in GA for Papa’s big birthday in July and hope to see you then! When is your little man due to arrive? Maybe we will get to see him too!
    Love you.

  7. Courtney says:

    I love all of the baby items…there all so cute!!!

  8. melanie maranise says:

    hey kristin,

    You look marvelous! So excited for you both. Sounds like you had wonderful time on your trip.Think of you guys all the time. I try to keep up with blog, but sometimes I’m a week or two behind. I’m out of country every week.Can’t wait to see all three of you. Maybe at PaPa Birthday.

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