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26 weeks

on May 24, 2011

Well, I have to say that I am definitely beginning to feel pregnant all the time.  Everything from the tightness in my belly to the fact that I swell like a balloon after eating Mexican… all indicators point to the ever-growing fact that I am indeed pregnant.  Trust me, in case you’ve had a nagging suspicion that we’ve been playing this horrible joke on you for the last 6 months, just push that out of your thoughts.  No doubt about it now… and I’m guessing, from what I’ve heard, that this thing called my belly is just going to get bigger.  Who knew?!  😉

I have officially hit the 26 week mark.  In two weeks I’ll be in my third trimester.  Not sure what happened since we found out but it seems like time is just not slowing down at all.  I’ve sat here and run through the pictures that we took for this week’s “bump” update.  (I have been told on several occasions that I’m past the “bump” stage, but what do you call it now?)  After mulling over several pictures, I decided to give you a full side shot that was not a planned picture whatsoever.  Please note, this was not a planned picture, therefore, you will notice that the background is not usual for me.  Due to the fact that this picture shows off my growing boy better than any other, I figured I might get by with it this time.  🙂

Again, please understand that I normally wouldn’t post a picture of me in the bathroom, but I thought this best represents the size of my expanding waistline.  I think you see why.  🙂

As mentioned previously, we were able to take a DVD to the doctor this last time and have video of him moving!  It’s a short video and one I wish I could post here, but I’d have to pay WordPress for the space, or something like that.  Regardless, at some point, maybe we’ll be able to post it somewhere for all to see.  Apparently it’s not in a format that easily copied to pc.  Too bad our computer guru recently moved to Kentucky.  Otherwise, we’d have it out there for sure.

I’m super excited to share that we are soon to have in our possession a glider rocker.  My parents were kind enough to give us the money to purchase one, and I’m being really picky since I’ll be sitting in it a good bit.  Gotta make sure that cushion is thick enough!  😉

I’ve also got to share that we were pleasantly surprised with three boxes of clothes, bottles, and other baby stuff that showed up on our front porch unexpectedly.  (The mailman backed up in our driveway to deliver the boxes to our door.)  A friend of ours who had cleaned out her baby boy clothes and other items decided to bless us tremendously with her gift.  I now have two boxes of clothes ranging from newborn to 18 months!  Not to mention a slew of bottles, blankets, bibs, and other items that will be so needed in the coming months.  What a complete surprise and blessing to both of us!  I had so much fun going through everything… it was like Christmas!!  🙂

To change the subject completely, I have to say that the “joy stealer” has been knocking at my door a lot recently.  I have been battling a sinus infection for about three weeks now.  I still have a terrible cough, albeit on rare occasion, and minor congestion.  After sleeping in the spare bedroom for the entire week last week, it’s nice to be back in my own bed again.  In addition, several weeks ago, the air conditioning wasn’t working correctly.  Come to find out that the freon needed recharging, which apparently costs the same as gold right now.  Then we get home last night and the air is not working again.  After talking to Joel on the way home from work today, I just prayed that the solution to the problem would be easy to fix and affordable for us.  Well by the time I got home, there was cold air blowing out of the vents again.  Turns out that we needed to have a bug removed from the panel, or something like that.  Needless to say, they didn’t charge us for this stop.  Thank the Lord!  In addition, there is a lot going on at work right now, causing a little more stress than I prefer to admit or think about.

I say all of this to say one thing… my joy for this child and the miracle that entails his birth will not fade.  I may be more tired now and not have as much energy as of today, but my joy will not be stolen.  I may be uncomfortable in almost any position on a regular basis, but the joy that is growing inside me will not change.  This child is a gift from the Lord and this baby will continually be a reminder of just how much the Lord has and is doing in mine and Joel’s lives.  The joy that is growing in me will have strong roots.  And regardless of how things look or feel, regardless of circumstances that may not look right to me, regardless of all that’s going on around me, I am choosing to be filled with joy at all times.  Every kick that I feel from this little boy inside of me is just a constant reminder of the joy that is growing.  (Even as I type this, he is practicing his disco moves.  I love feeling him move!)

Before we left for dinner, Joel was telling the baby how much he loved him.  I asked him if he ever thought he would be this excited about knowing he would soon have a child.  He said that he never thought he would be thrilled, much less excited at this point of having a baby.  What a marvelous miracle and wonderful change has taken place in our lives!

On a side note, several names have jumped into the pool, but we’re keeping them to ourselves for now.  🙂

More news to come in the near future…

7 responses to “26 weeks

  1. Susan says:

    Okay-bee – we definitely can tell that you are having a baby 🙂 You’re still cute as a button! I loved getting boxes of baby stuff. I always had a good time going through the items. And the glider rocker? Precious memories will be made there. Some of my fondest memories with J are those where I would rock him in the middle of the night and sing, pray, or read to him. Remember – lots of videos and pics 🙂

  2. Janet Bush says:

    Hey Kristen~
    You have my permission to use the name Bubba 😉
    Where are you registered? You will love the glider rocker. I bought one for Jackie – it is a necessity.
    Jackie and family are planning to come to the shower/birthday party/family reunion in July. Looking forward to seeing you in person. Hugs,Janet

  3. melanie maranise says:

    speaking from experience, you look BEAUTIFUL!!! there are no words to describe the emotions you both will feel when they hand you this gift from GOD.
    picked something up for young spencer in germany today, think he will enjoy it as much time as you all spend outdoors.
    looking forward to seeing you in july, love aunt melanie

  4. Winola Swinks says:

    what a delight to hear your narrative. I am so happy for you both, and remember, we have 3 little ones that have clothes as well, so your little one will never be without! Keep up with the updates, I lowe you. “Aunt” Winola

  5. Harriet says:

    I’m just grinning ear to ear here!! You sound so completely JOY-filled!! And you ARE! HAH!! Filled with the joy and miracle that is a child!! I could not be happier (I don’t think) if it was me! God has blessed all 3 of you with each other and I am honred to be able to see this unfold!! LOVE YOU GUYS!!!! by the way..you look BEAUTIFUL!!…oh and give Joel a hug for me!

  6. Labeth Youngblood says:

    Kristin, you look AMAZING!! So Beautiful and obviously so happy. The light just shines in your eyes and face! We are so very happy for you both!

  7. Labeth Youngblood says:

    Btw, the books i mentioned but could not remember are:
    Maternal Fitness by Julie Tupler and The Discipline Book by Dr. Sears. Tupler’s book is a wealth of info about labor and delivery. I am not a huge fitness nut, obviously, but the info in the book and some of the exercises were invaluable with my last two pregnancies. Both much easier deliveries than my first two. It just gives info about how your body works and some really helpful hints. The Discipline Book by Sears was my lifeline with my first son and gave me a pattern for parenting. In fact, most all of Sears’ books give this info. It’s about getting attached to your child, knowing where they are coming from. Each of my four are different and I have always prayed that God just give me insight into each one. Also, Sears’ the Baby Book has been really helpful this go round. You’d think after three kids that I would have been prepared for all the questions the fourth would bring, but I found myself if the middle of the night, still referring to this book for answers. 🙂 Hope these will be helpful to you!

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