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Little road trips and other such goodies

on June 2, 2011

Joel mentioned to me about going up to Asheville this past weekend just for the day.  I said, “Sure!”  But when the time came, I just couldn’t get myself motivated to get up and get going as early as we would have liked.  So we decided to scrap Asheville and went to the White Squirrel Festival in Brevard, NC instead.  (Yes, I know.  It’s about the same distance.  What you don’t know is that it took us more time because we thought we knew where we were going better than our GPS.  Um, sometimes it’s better to listen to that thing.)  🙂

Anywho, as soon as we got there, we found an art vendor selling the cutest artwork!  We liked her stuff so much that, after perusing the other vendors which turned out to be 90% jewelry, we went back and purchased one of her pieces… pictured below:

She had another one that we liked as well but she didn’t have it in blue.  (In case you’re interested, her website is http://www.bethphillips.net.  She doesn’t have much of what we saw on Sat. pictured on the site, but we still like a lot of her stuff.)

While in Brevard, we found this amazing toy store that was surprisingly large in the downtown area.  While I was sitting taking a breather, Joel went in to look around.  He came and got me because the place was so cool.  They had a ton of vintage replica toys that you just don’t see anymore plus much, much more in stock.  It’s hard to describe because the place just kept going and going and was stuffed from floor to ceiling with toys.  We decided to pick up a toy for our little man that he can have as his own… as long as he wants it.  🙂

Isn’t he cute?!  We think so too!  🙂

On our way back home, we stopped at Whitewater Falls to walk a little and enjoy God’s creation.  What we found was pretty amazing!  The stop was definitely worth it as we just enjoyed the view and being together.

On Tuesday, we went and bought our glider rocker!  I have already put it to use last night, enjoying not only the rocker but the ottoman as well.  Thanks Mother & Daddy!!

I think that’s all for now.  A trip to the doctor today revealed that we are both growing appropriately.  Even though I am really feeling the pregnancy now, the doctor said that I measured exactly what I should at this stage.  My iron is good and blood pressure is fine.  I’ll find out tomorrow if I passed today’s glucose test, but I can tell you that I was not nearly as stressed out this time as I was last time.  🙂

Even with the heat, I really can’t complain about how I’ve been feeling.  I am just starting to realize that I can’t eat as much as I want to at one seating.  It’s a total mind thing because my body doesn’t feel full until I stand up.  Only then do I generally realize that I’ve eaten way more than I should have.  Even drinking water, which is not usually a problem for me, makes me more full than I know.  However, drinking all that water is surely helping to keep my ankles from swelling.  I can still see them so I’m pretty excited!  🙂

A little nervousness is trying to creep in about labor and delivery.  The doctor had the “contractions” discussion today, which just seems like a weird dream.  I was talking to the baby on the way to work about it and God gave me the realization that, although a necessary part of being pregnant, it will be a very short period of time, in the grand scheme of life.  For that, I am thankful.  Regardless of the horror stories that I’ve heard (and please don’t feel free to share more), I know that what’s to come in the hospital is a minor part of the bigger picture.  Considering this was my number one reason for not wanting to have children, I think that allowing this God-given revelation to become part of my thinking is a gift that He’s giving me.  I know He’ll carry me through… I just never thought He would have to.  😉

An updated baby belly picture will come next week.  Until then…

5 responses to “Little road trips and other such goodies

  1. Heather Brogdon-Deweese says:

    Kristin, Don’t be nervous about the contractions and delivery, everybody is different. I was so nervous about the delivery too, but when you are in the middle of it you are just so ready to meet your baby you will do anything to get him out. If it all were so bad then all women would only have one child and my sister in law is getting ready to have baby number 6 and she does home birth with no drugs. You will be fine and everyone is praying for you : )

    Love the art work by the way. I’m going to get on her website, thanks for sharing!

  2. Susan says:

    You are on my heart today. I woke up praying for the family. One day at a time – take the other thoughts captive and toss them to the cross. I wish we had had more quality time to talk the other night. One of these days we’ll get a true visit worked out. Just know you are in my thoughts and prayers 🙂

  3. Harriet says:

    Kristin, have no fear. 🙂 seriously sweetie.. You trust God and he designed your body to not only conceive and nurture your son, but to birth him as well..he even designed it to feed your son after his birth. God is so very good like that. I was “nervous” before my first child too. God caried me completely through 4 births with no drugs and large babies! He’ll do the same for you. 😀 (Tell Joel to stay “in your face with his love and then just allow your body to do what it was made to do) You’ll be sooo surprised when you have no “horror” story to share..lol. LOVE YOU GUYS!!

  4. LeShann says:

    I’m going to find the book a friend of mine gave to me and pass it along. It was a book that quided you to pray for every part of your body and how it should function during the labor and delivery. It also shared countless stories of how since we don’t live under the law, we are free to pray for a painless delivery!! It was amazing. Even though I ended up having to do a csection, I was amazed at the time up to that point. God completely intervened and it was amazing. I know that God will completely intervene and I can’t wait to hold that precious little boy!

  5. melanie maranise says:

    you both sound like you are having a ball getting ready for mr. wonderful.i bet with every horror story you heard the next comment went something along the line of “then i looked at our baby and nothing else mattered but this beautiful child”. there are no words that can describe that feeling in the delivery room. you know i was about your age when i had Lori then Ryan, didn’t really want children, but now i can’t imagine my life without them. we look forward to seeing you guys soon. love you and am keeping all three of you in my prayers.

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