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30 weeks

on June 21, 2011

Yep, only 10 weeks to go!  Ummm… yeah, so we’re getting geared up and ready for take-off into the world of babydom.  Didn’t we just find out we’re having a baby?!

So this past weekend, I started feeling limbs moving inside.  Crazy!!  I really feel like I have an alien inside me crawling to get out at times.  Joel and I had fun on Sunday just watching my belly move in waves as the baby moved around.  Still is the strangest sensation to me.

Two weekends ago, we got to see Joel’s parents in Mississippi.  You may be thinking, “I thought they were from Texas.”  Well they took time and money to meet us half way in Meridian so we could all be together while I’m still pregnant.  We had a great time just being with them and hanging out at the hotel and the pool.

Mom really enjoyed just patting my belly.  🙂  There was definitely a lot of talk about how weird it is that we’re having a baby.  They even brought a bunch of goodies for the baby and us!!  We’ve also gotten some goodies sent to us by friends recently.  The most unique gift would have to be the dinosaur vest pictured below.  The dinosaurs are actually plastic toys that attach to the vest in case his hands are full otherwise.  Ha!!

I’ve been able to go through all of the clothes and things that we’ve gotten so far and sorted them by size.  We have clothes from newborn to 2T!  I know we’ll need a lot more, but for now, our son has more clothes than his mom and dad do individually by far.  🙂

A few of our recent purchases include, of course, a fishing t-shirt that we’ll be sure to put him in as soon as possible.

So, several have called to find out how my 3-hour glucose test went last week.  Well, I passed the first two tests but failed the second two.  So, they labeled me with gestational diabetes.  I’ve been watching my sugars and testing my blood since Saturday.  So far, I think I’m doing really well.  I’ll meet with the nurse practitioner at my visit on Thursday to find out more.  I honestly think they’re just doing it for precaution but it is a little annoying to have to prick my finger so many times a day.  😛

This past Saturday, had a chance to get together with our friend Hetty for dinner.  We actually rescued her from having to hang out with a bunch of old people at a local VFW… but that’s a whole other story.  🙂

Well, we tried to save her from the VFW.  We ended up having to give her back to her parents so she could eventually go home.  As always, she and I enjoyed a few laughs at Joel’s expense.  🙂

Going down to see Joel’s sister and her family this weekend.  Then we’ll stop by my grandmother’s house on the way home to show off the belly.  Really looking forward to seeing everyone!!

Unfortunately for Joel, it seems that my emotional hormones have kicked in at times.  I think his head has been bitten off a few times over the past two weeks.  But on the flip side, I’ve done my fair share of crying as well.  He’s taking things pretty well and keeps encouraging me.  I think it’s mostly when I get really tired at night that the emotion monster comes out.  Just one look from him sends me over the edge at times.  This week hasn’t been too bad because we’ve been getting to bed earlier so far.  We just have to keep it up, even if we feel like old coots!  😉

Will definitely have more stories and pictures after the upcoming weekend.  Thanks to all who wished Joel a Happy Father’s Day!!  We are truly blessed with friends in our lives who love us and care about all the changes taking place!!

6 responses to “30 weeks

  1. Joel Spencer says:

    Just had to post on here how beautiful you are! You continue to amaze me at how well you’re doing and I anticipate seeing all the awesome things that still lie ahead for us!

  2. You guys are going to be awesome parents! And your baby bump is the cutest!

  3. Christy Spencer says:

    I got to meet and hold my newest little niece last weekend when my youngest brother and his wife brought almost 3 month old Daphne to Jarrod’s grad party in PT. And now seeing your photos and reading your words, it makes me miss you guys so much. I am so excited for the adventure you are beginning! Love you guys!!!

  4. Susan says:

    I am SO ready to babysit 🙂 You do indeed look so cute. Love the latest cute clothes. Love ya 🙂

  5. Harriet says:

    I am actually LOL with this post! You guys need to start getting as MUCH rest NOW as possible..because unless this little one is out of the norm, there won’t be much sleep after he arrives! You think hormones are crazy now? Just wait ’till post partum and lack of sleep kicks in..lol. Seriously , think about getting rest..NOT doing as much as you can before the baby gets here. I sooo wish I lived nearer so I could DO something..besides pray. (knowing that prayer is probably the BEST thing I can do ,anyway) The pictures just make me smile!! How about a new one of you and Joel with the baby ball? (no longer a bump) hehehe Love you both so very much!! Sorry I missed Joel on Father’s day..heck I even forgot my oldest son! 😉 <3<3<3 Praising God for giving you guys this wonderful GIFT!!! \o/

  6. melanie maranise says:

    thanks for all the updates. i try and read all the posts, sometimes it takes awhile as i am out of the country more than i am home. but look forward to seeing you all this weekend!!

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