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Less than 8 weeks to go!

on July 7, 2011

As of this past Monday, I now have less than 8 weeks until the baby’s arrival.  Surprisingly, I’m a lot more calm about this than I thought I would be.  Maybe it’s because it really hasn’t set in how close that is.

I’ll have to share a new baby belly picture later.  We forgot to take one tonight before I got ready for bed.  🙂

To start with, I’ll share the great news from the doctor.  As you know, I was labeled with gestational diabetes.  Well, after modifying my eating habits (no more afternoon DQ runs) and checking my blood sugar four times a day, I am still medication free from the diabetes!!  This past Tuesday we had our first of weekly ultrasounds and the baby is now right at 4 lbs. which is on target for this time frame in the pregnancy.  My blood sugar numbers have shown such vast improvement that my doctor was amazed and gave me many kudos for making it happen.  I’m pretty determined to not have to take the medicine she wanted to prescribe and have shown that in making my numbers change accordingly.  So for that, I’m thankful to Christ because I have repeatedly asked for His help with making these adjustments and for healing my body to help us both be healthy.  Woohoo!

Two weekends ago, we went to Alabama and then to Florida to visit Joel’s sister and her family and then my grandmother and my aunt and uncle.  We had a great time and truly enjoyed seeing everyone.  We even got some baby goodies from Joel’s sister, including a pack-n-play, a baby shower chair, and a Boppy along with a few other goodies to help out with the baby.  We are super blessed to have so many who are willingly giving of themselves to help us out with everything!!

Eryn was very proud of her new pony that her dad had picked up on his way to work that morning.  She loved running the pony up and down anything and anyone.  What a cutie!

Of course, driving from Alabama to Florida meant a stop to at least stick our feet in the sand.

Yep, that’s pure white sand at Pensacola Beach!  Didn’t realize how truly hot it was until we went to eat after this stop.  We love the beach but could leave the heat any day of the week.

On to my grandmother’s house where we stopped for a very brief visit.  Thankfully my aunt and uncle were in town so they were able to come over and visit with us.

A whirlwind trip, needless to say, but we were very eager to share this time with our families.  🙂

Last week, we were able to buy a dresser, thanks in part to my parents, to go in the baby’s room.  Joel finished putting it together and it now resides in the baby’s room where it will be filled shortly with all sorts of baby goodies.

Speaking of baby goodies, we were loaded with goodies from my family this past weekend.  My extended family blessed us with an amazing shower while we also celebrated my grandfather’s 90th birthday and his sister’s 93rd birthday.  We got to see and spend time with family that we rarely get to see.

On a side note, this is my one shower outfit.  So you may see it several times.  Just not sure I want to spend more money on clothes that I may not wear again after the baby is born.  🙂

Just a few pictures from the gathering that barely represent the whole event.

My adorable niece!  She was so excited to see us and loved feeling the baby move!!

The Arnold women… me, my mother, and my sister, along with my sweet niece.  My mother put in a lot of time and effort to make this whole event happen.  I’m so thankful to my parents for helping out with everything!

The cousins.  My how we’ve all gotten older!!  🙂

The man who started it all… my grandfather, who celebrated his 90th birthday on July 4th.

Some pictures of opening goodies… in no particular order…

Frog hooded towel set.  🙂

He will definitely love his mommy in this outfit!  🙂

Socks that are too cute for words.

Matching rain boots and coat for those rainy days out in the woods!

And finally, Joel got in on the gift receiving…

Yes, that’s Joel playing guitar on his t-shirt.  My aunt and uncle found this t-shirt that has a built-in amp.  He now has the ability to play the guitar wherever he goes!  And it really sounds like an actual electric guitar!  Needless to say, he was a HIT with the kiddos in the room!

A special thank you goes out to all of my family who made this event happen.  We are truly thankful for everyone who loved on us and our baby boy!!

Well, I think I’ve bombarded the blogosphere with enough pictures for this time.  I’ll have more soon, I promise.  But for now, it’s bed time and I’m bushed.  Got to get my feet up and get some sleep.  We have a weekend of childbirth classes and more shopping for the nursery ahead of us!  🙂

3 responses to “Less than 8 weeks to go!

  1. "Aunt" Winola says:

    What a great post Kristen! I loved the pics and the wonderful subtitles. Thank you and it was absolutely wonderful sharing this with you and Joel.
    We had a great time on Sunday. Later, sweet girl.

  2. Susan says:

    Looks like you all had a wonderful time. So happy it was so great. You look beautiful. I see another photo book in the future 🙂

  3. Labeth Youngblood says:

    Kristin, you definitely have the glow going on! You are radiant!! Can’t wait to see pics soon of baby Spencer. I remember wondering for 9 months what my little Mzy would look like and what her personality would be like. There is nothing like that moment when you meet face to face for the first time. Praying for you guys as you get closer and closer!

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