Unexpectedly Expecting

The Adventures of One Woman's Journey Into Motherhood

A brief update

on August 24, 2011

Well I found out yesterday that I haven’t changed any in regards to dilation.  But I’m okay with that.  I know I said I’d be frustrated, and yes, I’m a little disappointed, but I’ve had a day of rest and a lot of prayer with Joel to really refocus my thoughts.

I’ve spent the day at home because the doctor ordered another 24-hour urine test just to make sure everything is ok.  Surprisingly, I’ve napped quite a bit today in between trips to the bathroom.  I guess I was more tired than I realized.  🙂

I know that I sounded less than joyful yesterday.  I am definitely more at peace today having had some time to truly rest alone here in the house.  I keep encouraging Noah that he can come at any time, but that he should come when his Abba Daddy says to come.  So far, I think he’s just enjoying the ride and the rest.  🙂

Thanks again for your continued prayers and encouragement.  Will post again if anything changes.

2 responses to “A brief update

  1. "Aunt" Winola says:

    Hey darlin’, I almost called you today, now I’m glad I didn’t. You are ever on my mind and I so hope you continue to feel good. Be sure and put my cell number on the “call” list as we will be out of town Th-Mon. Take care and I’m taking the computer so I can keep up.
    I love you, “Aunt” Winola

  2. Harriet says:

    (((((Kristin))))) You sound so much more like YOU today….lol. Glad that you have been able to rest and refocus! Keep that in mind AFTER Noah arrives.. a worn out mommy has a hard time functioning ..lol. Rest as much as you can now AND later. Love you guys MUCHO!! Will continue to lift you guys up in prayer…and hope to see you again before Noah starts school. 😉

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