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Introducing Noah Daniel Spencer

on September 4, 2011

Well, as you probably know by now, Mr. Noah Daniel Spencer was born last Saturday at 1:01 p.m.  He weighed in at 6 lbs. 2 oz. and measured 20 inches long.

The path we took to get him here was a winding road for sure.  Let me see if I can briefly explain all that occurred.

I was at work on Friday morning when I was called out of a meeting because Joel was on the phone for me.  The OB office had called him saying that we needed to get to the office together as soon as possible.  I got there and was put on a fetal monitor immediately.  Not knowing what was going on, they waited until Joel arrived before talking to us about the results of the blood tests from Thurs.  Once he got there, the doctor explained to me that I was not progressing in the pregnancy like they wanted to see.  She also explained that I was pre-eclamptic and had HELLP syndrome.  (I haven’t looked into what exactly HELLP is yet, but I know it was serious.  My platelets were down to 62, which I know is not where they should have been.)  She sent us straight to the hospital to get another lab drawn and see if I could be induced.

Upon arrival at the hospital, they found that my platelets had risen to around 100 and she was fine with inducing.  They put me on magnesium to keep me from seizures and started the induction process.  After nearly 24 hours of trying to labor, I had still not progressed.  The next lab showed that my platelets had dropped again and it was time for a decision to be made.  The doctor said that she would have a C-section immediately for mine and the baby’s health if it were her baby.  Through many tears, we decided that this would be the best decision.  I would be under general anesthesia so Joel would not be allowed in the operating room.  They wheeled me back to surgery around 12:30 p.m.  They had Noah out in 82 seconds from start to finish so he didn’t receive any of the anesthesia.

When Noah came out, his temperature was 94 degrees.  They also thought he might have some respiratory issues and an infection.  They put him on a warming table  and started pumping antibiotics into him.  In the meantime, I was in recovery from the surgery.  I barely remember much from Saturday at all because of all that transpired.  All I know was that Joel was an amazing father from the beginning, jumping in to change Noah’s diaper from the start.

Joel brought Noah to me once I came out of recovery.  I don’t remember it much, but I know I wanted so bad to see Noah and hold him but felt like I had no energy to do so.  Joel held Noah close so I could just see him and feel his skin on my face.  What a little guy he was (and still is)!

The next morning, I was still on the magnesium IV when I started to overdose on magnesium.  I clearly remember calling Joel over to my bed and telling him that I felt like I was getting further away than I had been the entire time being at the hospital.  The next thing I know, there are about 8 hospital workers around my bed trying to find a vein they could draw labs from to find out what was going on with my body.  I was so swollen, no one could find a viable vein to draw 4 vials of blood for stat labs.  They finally called in the anesthesiologist who had done my surgery to draw blood from my neck.  I could see Joel throughout this whole process and was just praying that God would hold both of us through whatever was happening.  They ended up putting me on calcium nitrate to reverse the effects of the magnesium.

So, needless to say, we had an interesting journey to get to today.  After all was said and done, Noah didn’t need the antibiotics and had no respiratory issues whatsoever.  Because he was born C-section, he had some congestion that ended up coming out on its own.

I am so thankful for all that has transpired.  Was it a difficult journey?  Yes.  But I have a beautiful baby boy who is showing me new things each day.  God held us all throughout the process and made sure that each of us were cared for in the way that each of us needed.

Since returning home, we have learned much and are finding our own way through the process of parenthood.  We’ve made plenty of mistakes in just a week but we’re pressing forward with Christ as the center of our family.  As we keep believing and praying, we will learn from the past, but not dwell in it.  My body is still recovering from the effects of surgery and medication but I am progressing daily and trying to learn to rest.

The name Noah in Hebrew means “rest, comfort.”  We truly believe that Noah is teaching us to rest in Christ as he is resting in just being a baby.  We’ve had our share of sleepless nights already but we know that God is teaching us all how to be a family.  I can’t begin to express how thankful I am to Christ for caring for each of us and for seeing us through.  His hand has been seen throughout, carrying the burden for us.  Noah has definitely been a joy and not a burden.  And we’re believing he will always bring joy to our lives and be a constant reminder to rest in Christ through the difficult times.

Since I feel like I’m repeating myself, I’m going to go ahead and call this the end.  I’ve saved the best for last… pictures of our little baby boy.  Thanks for praying and continuing to believe with us that Christ is our rest and that joy has come in the form of a little boy named Noah.

Newborn Noah – only a few hours old.

Ready for the ride home.  Noah seemed so small in the huge car seat.  I know he’ll grow into it soon enough.  🙂

A happy family finally home.  We were released on Weds. afternoon.  We couldn’t have been more excited to get home with our little baby.

Noah at home.  I’ll have more pictures to post once we get them off the camera.  We have thousands to sort through but I’m sure the best will make it here.  🙂

3 responses to “Introducing Noah Daniel Spencer

  1. Nina says:

    Reading this bought tears to my eyes. 13 years ago i went through a similar situation. My son was born 2lbs 4 oz. Blind,respiratory illness,kidney issues and brain hemmorage. I was told he would always be developementally slower than other people. But as God tends to do in the lives of those He favors, He proved”them” wrong. He is an honor society student and a key starter on his football team. And he has to be forced to wear glasses to see at a distance and his response is I DONT NEED THEM MOM. So when you speak of your “journey”… all I see is Gods glory. I see the beginning of quick works in store for this family. I see the beginning of explained miracles and favor. Even in the birth pictures I see purpose and victory thru adversities. Even as i write my eyes are swollen with tears in awe of Gods greatness and how His plans are mapped. Great men will often find that even before birth there is an attack on their very being in attempts of the advesary to thwart their purpose.Just check the bible…….. But God.To God be the glory for the things that He had done.One love.

  2. Harriet says:

    (((((Joel, Kristin, and Noah))))) I am so very thankful that all is well!!! I have another friend who had HELLP..she had a seisure,then a stroke, was in a coma, and became blind for 3 months…thankfully she was fine after that! Her little boy is one I took care of for 3 years. God is so very GOOD to have provided a FAST intervention medically for you guys the way He did!!! I love you! One day I will get to see you again! Looking forward to pics and udates as you find time…hahaha..time.. \o/ ❤

  3. Peggy Fairman says:

    I just found this that you had your baby..I am so excited for the two of you. I had a difficult pregnancy with my son. I know exactly what you are going through and am praying God’s blessings on the three of you. I am looking forward to all of your amazing pictures of Noah’s growth in the next year.. God’s blessings on your family.

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