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Happy Birthday Noah!

on September 27, 2011

Noah turned one month old this past Saturday.  I started this blog that morning and am just now getting to it to finish and post.  The next two sentences were from Saturday morning around 3 a.m., to give clarification.  —  I just got finished feeding him and am waiting for both changing table covers to wash since he wee’d on one and pooped on the other.   😛    Happy Saturday morning to me!  😉

One thing I’ve realized in the last week or so is that I love taking care of my little boy.  I may not play with him as much as Joel or know exactly what to say to him at all times but I love just taking care of him.  Even when he wees all over the place, including on me, and sleeps most of the time.  I would, as of right now, sacrifice everything to care for him.  And I’m as selfish a person as they come.  That’s why this is so surprising to me.  I know I’m selfish and Joel spoils me to no end.  So when something or someone can take my attention from me, I take note.

I’ve also found myself praying a lot more lately.  And not just for Noah but for a multitude of things and people.  I love to pray with Noah, talking to Abba Daddy as if Noah’s the one talking to Him.  I truly believe that doing so is building a foundation, even if Noah doesn’t fully understand all that takes place right now.

We’ve found a pretty good rhythm the last couple of days.  It has helped that Joel was home much of this week because of the rain.  Noah is sleeping well, eating well, and actually has been awake more this week than the past three.  I’m recovering well.  My incision is almost completely healed on the outside.  I’m still sore and slow moving at times but I get further and further each day.  We even went downtown last week and walked around, which I couldn’t do just the week before.  I am recognizing my limitations but am also lightly pushing myself to allow healing to come sooner.

So I promised more pictures and here they are.  If you have access to Joel’s facebook, then some of these will look vaguely familiar.  I’ll try to post different ones though.  Enjoy!

Mommy’s sleepy little man.  (There are several pics with him sleeping.  We’ve tried getting more of when he’s awake.)

Some Daddy-Son bonding at home.

Sleeping on the front porch.  Even with the cars driving by, he was perfectly content.

Mommy’s little snugglebunny.  He loves to be wrapped up and held by Mommy in the adult’s blanket.  🙂

Our first family outing to eat dinner.  Went to Peppino’s in Seneca, SC for some good pizza.  Noah slept the whole way there and back.  🙂  Pretty good for a first outing.

Our next outing was to try the stroller out at the river down the street from us.  A short walk but definitely worth the trip.  We thoroughly enjoyed ourselves even though I was slow-going.

I can’t stop kissing my little man.  Found some flowers at the river to take some pics.  I just couldn’t resist getting my turn with him.  🙂

Several have mentioned that they like seeing Noah awake, so here he is.  Bright-eyed and bushy-tailed… he’s ready to take on the day.  🙂

Went to Chick-Fil-A… couldn’t resist the pic with him and the nuggets box.  I figured he might have fond memories of CFA since I craved that for some time early on.  🙂

“I surrender!”  Went to the Tallulah River to hang out a while and let Daddy fish some.  Doesn’t the Bible say something about coming to Christ as little children?  Oh that we could all have this form of surrender when in our Daddy’s hands.

At the river… more kisses for Mommy.  🙂

One month in… a happy family enjoying time by the river.

More pictures will be forthcoming as we embark on the second month of Noah.  🙂

2 responses to “Happy Birthday Noah!

  1. Darlene Stegner says:

    You and Joel are doing a great job with little Noah! What a blessing he is.I love looking at the pictures of him.Gosh he is changing ever so quickly.He is a lucky little boy to have such Godly parents and what a foundation you are building for him.It thrills my heart!
    So glad that you are recovering so well and that you know your limits.When you think of what all your body has been going on the pass nine months and with the delivery,you need to take it easy.
    Continued blessings to your new little family !

  2. Harriet says:

    COuld not be more happy for you all!!!! Love the writings..please keep them up.(Noah will love reading them one day too.) (((((ALL of you))))) ❤

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