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The Adventures of One Woman's Journey Into Motherhood

Here’s to mommyhood!

on October 7, 2011

As you may already know, I drove for the first time on Weds. by myself to a hair appointment.  Then yesterday, spent some time driving around Clarkesville to the OB office, then to Noah’s doctor’s office, then to the hospital to visit with a few of our nurse friends.  Finally, Noah and I met Daddy at Hawg Wild where we chowed on some BBQ before heading home.  {whew}

I am still in the process of healing, but I have to say that I feel so much better today than I did even a week ago.  I have been resting during the day, when I can.  I just emailed a friend and asked if babies suck time just as much as they suck brain cells.  Seems that Noah has made me forget that time even exists, except when it revolves around him eating or pooping.  🙂  (Which I have to say he just did while I was checking on him napping.)

Noah is sleeping up to 5 hours during the night.  Last night was a record at 5 hours and 15 minutes.  That’s my boy!  😉  At the OB office yesterday, he weighed 8 lb. 10 oz. after eating.  Then he spit up and pooped, so he probably weighed 8 lb. 8 oz. officially.  For some reason, hitting the 8 lb. mark feels like a milestone for me.  Seeing as most kids pop out at 8 lb. or more these days, I felt like we weren’t going to get there soon.  But here we are and now he’s starting to outgrow things.  Yes, he is starting to not fit into all of his newborn clothes any longer.  Mostly he’s tight with footed outfits.  He’s still in newborn diapers but he only has 2 more lb. before he’s out of those!!  At the rate he’s growing, that could be the end of this month!  😉

I’m not in a hurry for him to grow.  But I am enjoying seeing him change and start to really look like a little boy.  As always, there’s still the debate of who he looks like.  I’m convinced he is all Spencer and little Arnold.  I’m trying to weave myself into his personality but his looks are all Spencer family.  He has started trying to smile and is holding his head up pretty well over the last week.  We put him on his playmat and he’s starting to interact with the dangling animals instead of just laying there crying because he’s on his back.

I know these seem minor in the grand scheme of life, but they are major in our world.  Joel is adjusting to working full days and being a dad.  He’s so good at coming home and loving on Noah.  I would love to post a video of him playing with his little boy but he wouldn’t approve.  🙂  Our little guy gets more kisses in one night with his daddy than most kids get their whole life.  I love to watch him with Noah!!  I am truly blessed to be married to the best husband ever.  He’s definitely a keeper!

Well, as promised, here are more pictures of him for your enjoyment.  No need to worry about us losing interest in taking pictures of Noah.  We have just been busy this past week and haven’t had a chance to upload any.  We’re still taking them though.  🙂

Forgot to post this one last time.  I think it’s too cute though to leave out.  Daddy’s hat is a little big right now, but one day…

Joel loves to interact with Noah daily.  Noah isn’t sure what to do yet but he’ll catch on soon enough.  🙂

Noah riding his Daddy motorcycle.  Don’t worry… Mommy will never let him get on a real one!  🙂

Noah has some of the funniest expressions I’ve ever seen!  This one I just happened to capture.  🙂

His hair after bath time.  I just LOVE it!  He is sooo adorable!!

One of the nurses at the hospital told Joel that Noah might be a side sleeper.  Well, we put him on his side when we’re able to monitor him and this is what happens.  He loves sleeping on his side.

Many times in the morning, we’ll lay in bed with Noah until he wakes up enough to eat.  As you can see, sometimes it’s a hard task to wake us all up.  🙂

Noah enjoying the warmth of the sun while Daddy gets lunch for us.  Just another day at the Big Red Apple Festival in Cornelia.  Enjoyed seeing people we haven’t seen for a while, including a couple who didn’t know we had a baby!  Fun times!!

What a morning!  Worn out after the festival.  We all took naps that day.

Noah with Grandma Arnold, who couldn’t understand why Noah wouldn’t wake up.  We tried explaining that he’ll sleep as long as he’s cuddled in someone’s arms with a blanket.  Joel eventually took over and got Noah to wake up some.

I’m not sure who scared who here, but they both seem a little shocked!  😉  Grandpa Arnold and Noah deciding who has the bigger mouth.  I think it’s a tie!  🙂

I just thought this was a cute picture of him.  🙂

And finally, for those interested… he is still my little boy.  And he LOVES to be in his mommy’s arms.  What can I say?  I guess I just have some mommyness in me that I never knew was there before.  🙂

As always… more to come.

3 responses to “Here’s to mommyhood!

  1. hetty says:

    love it! he’s getting so big!

  2. Susan says:

    He’s gaining weight nicely! It is so hard to believe they grow that quickly – that’s why they sleep all the time – their little bodies are busy growing!

  3. Janet Bush says:

    I so enjoyed all the photos of Noah! He is precious. I agree – don’t see much Arnold there 😉 Good thing Joel is so handsome, eh? Wish I could go back to those days of mommy and babies – the best of times. Thanks for sharing your thoughts on motherhood.

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