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Abba Daddy deserves a standing ovation right now!

on October 27, 2011

Normally, I would be kind of laid back about how God has worked in my life.  He has done so many things for me, especially recently, it’s really hard to keep up with it all.  But I believe that I am not serving Him wisely if I don’t give Him the praise He deserves, regardless of what He’s done.

The thing is… He doesn’t have to do anything for me to deserve my praise.  He just is.  His existence deserves praise.  But, like most people, I forget to praise Him during down times or when things are clocking along.  So please don’t misunderstand me giving God praise right now as the only time I think about it.  This just happens to be a time for all to praise Him because, after all, He is worthy of praise!

So I had lunch with my boss today to talk about me going back to work.  I was completely honest with her and told her that my desire was to not go back at all.  However, because of financial obligations, I have to work.  Having said all of that, I presented the option of my going back part-time.  (I already knew the company was cutting budgets and costs, so I thought this might be good timing anyway.)  Surprisingly enough, she agreed!  I am now going to be working part-time, three days a week!  I’ll be working every other Sunday and Thursday and every Monday and Tuesday.  What an amazing God we serve!!  Joel will be able to keep Noah on Sundays and Mondays.  We still have to work out who can keep him the other two days.

But I don’t want to get bogged down in the next thing to figure out.  Right now, I have much to praise God for and I am giving Him all praise!!

By the way, I weighed Noah at the OB office today and he is now 10 lb. 4 oz.  That’s my boy!

I’ve gotta run take care of him but wanted to give a little update about my future work.  Pictures will be forthcoming on the next blog!

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