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Abba Daddy still deserves praise and glory!

on November 3, 2011

Based on my last blog, I am sitting here giving God praise and glory, despite the circumstances.  He is, after all, still worthy of praise!  🙂   Just because my circumstances may have changed, He hasn’t changed and still deserves all of my praise!!

Having said that, I must give an update on my current job status.  As of today, I am no longer gainfully employed with any Pruitt company.  My boss had approved for me to come back to work part-time, as mentioned in my previous blog.  However, after discussing it with her boss and corporate HR, they decided that the position is a full-time only position.  I could either go back full-time or not at all.  As much as it breaks my heart to leave a wonderful work environment, my son takes precedence over all.

Joel and I have prayed and talked and prayed and discussed and truly believe that God will provide some how.  Joel has been my biggest cheerleader for me staying home full-time with Noah.  Unfortunately, our finances dictate that we need a little extra money each month to get all of our bills paid.  So now I am looking for part-time employment or a miracle from the Lord that would allow me to stay home full-time.  (Joel and I both prefer option B.)  🙂

So I praise the Lord because He is worthy!  I praise Him because He will once again prove His faithfulness and will provide for us… even if it means we buckle down and really get serious about tightening our belts.  (I’ve been printing coupons off the internet and have already mentally planned tonight’s dinner.  For anyone who knows me well, these are miracles in-and-of-themselves!)

I have to count the numerous miracles that God has done in our lives over the past two months, mainly our son.  Just sitting here watching him sleep makes me realize that God has performed the biggest miracle of all… giving us a son to love and raise.  Joel and I were marvelling again this morning at how much we have grown in the past year.  We had no idea that a child would do this to us!!  We certainly couldn’t anticipate enjoying parenthood as much as we are.  I know it’s still early, but I honestly don’t feel like this will ever change… just grow.  🙂

As promised, I’m posting more pictures for your enjoyment.

A dear friend of ours made this cap for Noah.  Unfortunately, it’s a little too tight, but he can still sport it for a short time.  🙂

Normally we would all be holding carved pumpkins.  Somehow, with three children, the pumpkin carving went by the wayside.  Maybe next year, we’ll get back to carving.  🙂

Noah with Mercy and Mercy’s mom, Sarah.

He loves to snuggle.  He looks like a little angel.  🙂

Sometimes he gets so bug-eyed when we’re playing with him!

His first time in the swing.  I think he enjoyed it… maybe?

At a wedding reception in Lawrenceville.  Notice the clown in the background… yikes!  🙂

Um, I believe I have something to say!  🙂

This is just a beautiful picture of him.  He always looks bigger after he gets finished eating.

We found this adorable hat at the Toccoa Harvest Festival.  My little cutie!!

Noah with his friends Kori and Sam… enjoying an evening of hamburgers and smores!

I’m so bored.  Life as a baby is so tough!  😉

I think this is one of the best new pictures of him.  I love that he loves to look at us and sees us now.  We’re still having trouble capturing that smile!!

He really enjoyed the swing this time!

More pictures of my ever-changing and growing boy to come.  🙂

2 responses to “Abba Daddy still deserves praise and glory!

  1. Harriet says:

    in love with your weee man

  2. "Aunt" Winola says:

    He is so darned cute!!!! I love the last picture. He did smile at the camera and as 3 mo comes quickly he will smile all the time. You are very Blessed and hey you didn’t even have to make the decision to be a stay at home Mom! GOD made it for you! Awesome. You all are in mine and Alton’s prayers. Love you always, Winola

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