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4 months old and a date night out

on December 23, 2011

Four months have now come and gone as of this past Saturday.  Wednesday marked the four month anniversary of our arrival home with our little boy.  Joel and I took the evening and went on a date in Dahlonega.  Thanks to Sarah for taking such good care of Noah for us while we enjoyed some time alone.

Several monumental things have happened over the past month.  Let’s see, Noah has a new jumperoo that he is loving, thanks to his grandparents in Texas.  Tummy time has gotten more fun with a cool owl that his aunt Christy made for him.  He has some great new toys to chew on and attach to his carseat thanks to his grandparents here in Georgia.  And several presents under the tree waiting for him to open on Christmas.

It seems that he is changing almost daily now.  Just this week, he has really started vocalizing more.  He is staying awake for longer periods of time and is starting to not enjoy nap times as much as he used to.  He wears down a little less easily and is becoming more conditioned to falling asleep when he needs to.

He is a drooling machine, so we started him on teething bibs this week.  One of my cousins is having a boy, so I’ve been saving all of the clothes and other stuff that he’s outgrown to send to her.  What was once a barely full box is now overflowing!!  I’ve now got to separate it into two boxes to send.  He’s barely able to wear 3 months clothes now and is quickly moving into 3-6 months clothes.  We don’t have another doctor’s appointment until next month so I’m not sure how much he weighs now.  As of the last week of November, he was 11 lb. 11 oz.  Based on the way my back feels at times, I’m guessing he’s well over 12 lbs. by now.  🙂

We went to Savannah this past weekend for our dear friend Heather’s wedding.  Noah was the best behaved baby there!!  (And there were plenty of them there!)  However, Sunday at Huey’s was a different story.  Joel and I thought we could enjoy our time in the city while down there.  Noah had other plans and let us know it.  I ate my breakfast while Joel had Noah duty.  Apparently, Noah let Joel have it for about 45 minutes.  By the time I got done and to him, Noah and Joel were both exhausted.  We ended up leaving the area not long afterwards with Noah having a couple more meltdowns in the car on the way home.  I know we all slept well that night!!

Speaking of sleeping well, Noah regularly goes 8 hours sleeping at night.  He’s done several 10 hour nights.  Because he’s going to bed so early, we still get up to feed him once at night but it’s generally around 3-5 am when we’re up with him.  We’re up for about 45 minutes and then it’s back to bed for all.  And thankfully, Noah’s fine with that.  He knows that we aren’t up for good when we feed him and doesn’t fuss when we put him back in his swaddle.

As for swaddling, we still swaddle him for sleeping at night in his bassinet and once during the day for his long nap.  We still have him in the bassinet at night but he’s taking naps during the day in his crib.  Not sure yet when we’ll move him into his crib for good.  The swaddle we have now is a little big for him so he keeps getting out of it.  At this rate, we may move him in there soon.  Joel and I haven’t talked about it yet.

We have the house somewhat decorated for Christmas.  But since it’s impossible to get people to come to Toccoa, we really didn’t put a whole lot of effort into decorating this year.  (I will say that a friend of mine from the other side of Atlanta is coming next month to see us.  And another friend from downtown Atlanta is coming as well.  🙂  )  Plus, we were too exhausted all the time to decorate like we have in the past.  We did get a live tree and have it up with a couple of new ornaments… one with Noah’s picture and one is his original pacifier.

People often ask me how I’m doing being a stay-at-home mom.  Most of the time my answer is the same… I love it but get a little lonely for adult interaction.  Joel has had several days home this week because of the weather which has been great for me.  Joel gets a little stir-crazy but then he starts playing with Noah and all is okay.  🙂

Well that’s enough chatter for now.  I know that everyone is more interested in seeing pictures than anything else.  🙂  So here they are…

Noah enjoying some Aunt Sarah time.

Noah with his Grandmother Arnold at Thanksgiving.

Enjoying some time with Aunt Elisabeth at Thanksgiving.

Caroline, Aunt Elisabeth, and Thomas getting some Noah time.  🙂

Cousin Caroline proving that she will be a great babysitter like her mommy was.  🙂

Enjoying some much-needed tummy time.  Still only enjoys it for limited time but I’ll take what I can get.  🙂

Laughing has become one of our favorite sounds from him!  He doesn’t laugh a lot yet but when he does, we eat it up!!

Noah still isn’t sure if he likes bath time or not, but we’ve gotten much better at keeping calm.  He still gets upset after the bath is done but we’re working on it.

Noah chatting it up online with his Grandma Spencer.  🙂

He is still my little snuggle bunny.  I love it!!

Joel found this cool rainforest mobile for Noah’s crib.  Noah will just lay there and talk to the animals.  I love hearing his coos!!

Noah chillin’ with his daddy watching the Illinois basketball game.

One of my favorite times with Noah is when I’m reading to him.  He’s not too sure about it all just yet but he’ll get there.  He loves Bible stories to no end!  I’ve got several Dr. Seuss books but he really likes stories from the Bible.  Thankfully his aunt Janet sent a great Bible story book which seems to really keep his attention.  I take it slow and read a little each time.

Noah was fascinated with the huge Christmas trees at the Dillard House.  Thankfully we get the locals discount so we can actually afford, on occasion, to head up there for breakfast.  Yummy!

Most of you have already seen this picture, but I thought I would blow it up some so you could actually see Noah smiling in it.  I think it’s adorable!!

Noah was very interested in the animals at the Farm Zoo at Dillard House.  Joel and I have always enjoyed going there but now will be even more special!

One of Joel’s famous one-armed pictures.  It’s a little more tricky with a third person to get in the picture, but I think he did pretty well!

After Dillard House, we went up to North Carolina to cut down a tree.  Turned out to be much colder that day so Noah didn’t come out of his carrier.  In fact, the pictures of us there show us with a stroller… both covers were pulled over him so he would stay warmer.  On a side note, as we exited our vehicle, a family beside us got out of their van.  One of the boys, wearing shorts and a t-shirt, carried a trumpet along with him.  As they started walking up towards the trees, he started playing (not too well, I might add) O Christmas Tree.  We took video because it just seemed like the perfect start and really made the Griswold Christmas tree hunt that much more fun!  😉

I’m not sure if I could have been any more excited about Noah getting this jumperoo!  I was standing on the front porch watching the UPS truck as he stopped on the street to deliver it!!  After putting it together, we realized that Noah was just a little too short and needed a boost so that it didn’t remain a hoveroo (as Joel likes to put it).  As shown in this picture, he is really starting to enjoy being in his jumper.  Every day it seems that he enjoys it more and more, finding more toys on it and talking to the animals.

Daddy showing Noah the new ornament with his picture in it.  He loves to look at the lights on the tree.  (Noah, that is… not Joel.)  😉

Noah sitting in front of his Christmas presents from the Arnold grandparents.

There’s always so much dirty laundry… but I’m not sure we can count this load.  😉

Just a cute picture of him while we were out watching Joel play basketball.

We finally got the Timmy Time dvds in the mail.  Noah loves to watch.  We make sure not to overload him on the tv, though.  He only gets one episode at a time.  🙂

Noah hanging out with Uncle Tim, Mercy, and Jubilee.

Uncle Eric finally getting a chance to hold Noah.  His first time since Noah’s birth!  We had no idea!!!  🙂

Just a cute picture of us snuggled together at a local park.

His cheeks are really starting to get chubby.  And he makes some of the funniest faces some times!!

Daddy and Noah enjoying the outdoors.

Our friend Hetty getting married.  And yes, I even wore makeup!!  We were so glad to make it to her wedding.

Noah trying to help Joel decide what to order.  He decided the shrimp and grits sounded really good.  Yum!

One final laugh before the meltdown came.  He sure doesn’t give us much warning at times.  🙂  But he is adorable and we’re absolutely in love with him!!

Well, that’s all for now.  Thanks for all of your encouragement and prayers!!

2 responses to “4 months old and a date night out

  1. Harriet says:

    ❤ I am in LOVE!! lol Hope to get to see him in person before he starts kindergarten!! ❤

  2. Susan says:

    The pictures are such a treat! So sorry about my back issues. Needless to say I’m fed up with it – but trying hard not to get in the flesh either 😦 Hope to see you soon 🙂 Love to you.

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