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Five months old

on January 27, 2012

Noah turns 5 months old today (1/27).  As amazing as that may seem, what’s more amazing are the changes that have taken place in the last few weeks.

First, Noah rolled over twice at the doctor’s office and once while throwing a tantrum here at the house.  He hasn’t rolled over since, but we know he can so we keep trying.  🙂

Second, we moved him to his crib to sleep overnight almost two weeks ago.  I was really surprised at how much I wanted to do this and how much Joel didn’t want to.  We had to get a sound machine for his room, but Noah has taken the move quite well.

Third, we started him on solid foods last week.  He first tried rice cereal which he devoured.  (You can see him on YouTube here.)  He has since tried carrots, bananas, and apples.  Most articles state that a baby will stop eating when he’s full.  Well, not our little man.  He loves carrots and ate so much he had a belly ache one night for several hours.  We’ll just have to keep him in check when he’s eating.

Fourth, we decided to not swaddle him at night.  We haven’t been swaddling him during the day for at least a month.  However, we were still swaddling him when we put him down at night.  Well, last Friday, he broke free of the swaddle three times.  I wasn’t going to keep trying to swaddle him knowing that I didn’t do it well and he would routinely get out.  So the next night we decided to leave his arms out.  He woke up once and was fine after that.  He’s done great ever since.We try to break up the routine of the week by going to the park and the grocery store, on nice days.  With so much rain lately, we’ve been a little house-bound.  But thankfully Joel has been home to help.  🙂

There are probably things I’m forgetting to mention but I’ll catch them up later.  For now, here are more pictures.

I think this is just a beautiful picture of him.  He is really coming into his own personality.  🙂

Again, a picture I just thought was cute.  He is a drooler on some days.  When those days roll around, I’ll attach a bib to him to help keep everything dry.

The three of us at Smith Creek outside of Unicoi.  We had a fun time just walking around in the cool weather.

Posing for a picture in Joel’s personal carrier… his jacket.  🙂   He had a good hold of Noah so no worries.

Our happy boy loves to play with his daddy.

Noah chewing on his owl pillow (Oliver) made by his Aunt Christy.  He loves it and so do we!!

Walking down at Panther Creek on a cool afternoon.  I just love this little frog outfit that we found for him at a consignment shop.  🙂

Giving our borrowed Moby wrap (thanks Sarah!) a good testing.  Noah and I walked the entire time together.  He even fell asleep in the wrap.  I love it!!

Sitting in his high chair.  We finally got it down and decided to try it out.  We should have done this weeks ago!  He loves sitting this high and seeing everything!!

Noah with my friend Angie who came up to see us from Atlanta.  He loved spending time with Miss Angie!!

Eating his first meal was definitely an adventure!  If you didn’t watch the video, you must to understand his look in this picture.  We couldn’t feed it to him fast enough!

He’s really learning how to sit up now.  I keep working with him on a daily basis.  He’s just a cutie sitting up in his bouncer!!

More pictures to come.  I have some on my phone but forgot to get them off before writing this blog.  😛

One response to “Five months old

  1. Winola says:

    He is so darned cute! I love the owl hat! too cool. and that red hair is so beautiful! God has Blessed your little family. I love y’all. “Aunt” Winola

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