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Six months old and rolling along

on March 3, 2012

Noah Daniel turned 6 months old February 27th!!  When I look back at the past six months, I’m blown away.  Joel and I have once again been in awe of all that has transpired in our lives in the past six months.  We got to a point of settling in to our routine with Noah and then we realized we’ve been doing this for six months.  I remember thinking when Noah was first born that six months seemed so far away.  I feel like if I fall asleep tonight, I’ll wake up tomorrow and he’ll be 20.  😛

We have had an interesting month, to say the least.  Our friend told us that we wouldn’t even recognize the child we have now three months ago.  To say she was right is an understatement!

First, Noah has been on solid foods since Jan. 17th.  He’s tried, in no particular order, carrots, sweet peas, split peas, collard greens, avocado, sweet potatoes, apples, pears, peaches, corn, and broccoli.  Of the green stuff listed, he only likes split peas.  To say he hates sweet peas… well, he’s just like his mommy.  I couldn’t get them out of his line of sight fast enough!!  There were definitely peas everywhere that day!  We’re still breastfeeding but his desire to eat solid foods is definitely growing.  We’ll start two foods a day very soon.  (A super special thanks to Aunt Janet for the bullet!!  It’s working great!)

Second, the last week, we’ve been trying something new.  We’re giving him a bottle before we put him down for the night and he has slept through the night four out of five nights.  We’re enjoying our new-found sleep!!  He’s still getting up around 6’ish, but we’ll take not having to get up at 4’ish.  🙂

Third, the boy is on the roll!!  He now enjoys rolling over so much that he does it in his crib often.  I can’t count the number of times we’ve gone in there to find him on his belly in the corner of the bed or facing the wall.  It’s become quite a game for us… how do you think Noah will be found today?

He weighed in at a whopping 13 lb. 11 oz. this week and measured 24 1/2” long.  He’s in the 5th percentile but as far as the ratio for height and length, he’s 50th percentile.  Thankfully they only look at the ratio and not where he is based on national averages.

I can’t say enough about how thankful I am that I’m not working.  This would be so difficult to know I had to leave him with someone else for one second.  As sad as it is, I know so many women who have had babies since we had Noah and they’ve gone back to work.  I never thought of it before, but now I couldn’t imagine it any other way.  God has truly blessed us in amazing ways.  And He’s doing so in the right time.  For example, our refrigerator has been giving us trouble for the past few years.  Thanks to a quick sale of our old one, some money given to us, and our tax refunds, we were able to buy a new one that works beautifully!!  Who knew that side-by-side fridges are a thing of the past???  I sure didn’t.  But that’s how we got our new one so affordably.

Speaking of not working, my old boss offered me my job back two weeks ago.  The girl they hired to replace me didn’t work out.  So my boss called me and asked if I’d be interested.  They were going to go up the chain to make it work like we had planned originally.  I was thankful and my ego got a little boost, but I declined.  I explained to her that God has been so providing for us, I didn’t need to go back to work.  How great is our Abba Daddy to take care of us like this?!

A super big thanks to our friends Angie and Marty who let us stay at their cabin earlier this year.  It took Noah a couple of days to finally be okay with our new setting, but once he got settled in we had a great getaway!  The cabin was beautiful and the time we had was priceless!!

Noah has become quite a drool monster.  Everything goes into his mouth.  He loves to explore everything and wants to do whatever Mommy and Daddy do.  He sits up on his own, with some padding around.  He still naps like crazy but his naps are growing shorter and his awake times are growing longer.  Right now, I’m working on getting him to roll from his belly to his back.

We enjoy going to the park on the mild sunny days.  Thanks to our friend Sarah, we have a great Moby wrap to use.  When we go, I just put Noah in the wrap and walk around.  We’ll probably start going to the library soon for reading time.  It just hasn’t worked out so far.

Well, I guess that’s everything for now.  As always, I’ve included many pictures for your enjoyment.

Joel took Noah for the first time by himself to the river down the road.  They had a great time and Mommy enjoyed time alone at home.  🙂

We installed the base for the carseat in Joel’s truck and this is how Noah loves riding in the truck with his daddy.

Noah showing his expert skills at sitting up… with the Boppy.  🙂

I’ve decided to start putting him in outfits when we’re out and about.  Here’s one of the latest GQ shots of him.

Noah and Daddy enjoying one of the screened porches at the cabin in Blue Ridge.  We had an amazing view and perfect chilly (chili) weather!  🙂

Daddy and Noah enjoying the outdoors at the cabin with the “neighborhood” dog, Oreo.  We almost took Oreo home to be ours!  What a sweet dog!!

Mommy and Noah enjoying the porch and the cool weather.

Just a cute picture of Noah laughing while Daddy plays with him.

What a life!  Sitting by a fire playing with toys… no, Noah’s not spoiled.  😉

A little curiosity… Noah wants to hold everything we’re holding now, and at this moment it was the Itzbeen timer.

My favorite picture of Noah so far.  I edited to bring out the colors.  But just those eyes are enough to make you melt!

A family portrait before we left the cabin.  Thanks again to Marty and Angie for a wonderful long weekend!!

On our way home from the cabin, we stopped for Joel to do some trout fishing.  Here we found some blooming daffodils that I thought were just perfect in the woods.

A family picture at the Lower Desoto Falls.

A prime example of how we find Noah in various positions in his crib.  I just couldn’t resist getting a picture of this one.

One of Noah’s many big smiles when he’s playing with his daddy.

We hardly recognized him in this picture.  He definitely is taking on little boy characteristics.

Noah’s Aunt Hetty came to see us from Savannah a few weekends ago.  Noah wasn’t crying in this picture.  He just gets a little red-faced sometimes.

He looks like he’s getting into so much trouble here.

Spending time with Aunt Sarah, Jubilee and Mercy.  Noah is finally getting used to being around these two toddlers.

Noah saying hello to Mercy for the first time!

Noah looks like a little bird when he’s eating.  Of course, the mouth is always wider when it’s something he wants to eat!

I decided to put a blanket down for a little Noah and Mommy play time outside the other day.  We had a great time just being outside the house!

We met Aunt Sarah and her girls along with several other moms at the park for a few hours.  No need to worry, Mother… Aunt Sarah had sunscreen on hand for Noah.  I was very liberal with protecting his little skin.  🙂

This is the first time we let Noah play in the tub after bathing him.  He had so much fun and just enjoyed the warmer weather.  He has the best seat in the house when he takes a bath!

That’s all for now.  A look at the upcoming month… our friends from Kentucky will be here this weekend so we’ll be sure to have pictures with them; the Spencer’s are coming from Texas to spend time soon; my birthday is this month.  Many good times coming up!

7 responses to “Six months old and rolling along

  1. Susan B says:

    What a beautiful boy! The pics are wonderful – you look so happy. Yes, God has blessed you. I continue to pray for you all. I look forward to the day when we will be able to see each other again (you would think we live in Alaska). A year ago I wouldn’t have believed either of our lives – but even though mine is not what I expected – I am thankful for what God has provided for us. Big hug to you all 🙂

  2. Megan Thomas Hasley says:

    What an adorable little man he’s turning out to be! But with two parents like he has, anything less would be unexpected indeed. Your favorite picture is awesome!!

  3. Harriet says:

    I’m in love…lol. Noah is just precious! The pictures are wonderful. Thank you for the updates! God is soooooo very good! Love you guys.

  4. Winola says:

    What great pics and what a nice update. Thank you Kristen. I am so glad you are enjoying your sweet baby Noah. He is a little doll and what eyes. Yes, they are stunning and I’m sure one day will he will be a real lady killer if not already! Love, Winola

  5. Janet Bush says:

    Thank you so much for your updates and photos. You write beautifully, Kristin! You should publish a book. I LOVE his blue eyes! He is a darling baby. Has he met Olivia yet? Love you all. Continued blessings.

  6. He is so precious! PLEASEMBRING HIM BACKTO SEE US . Teresa and I talk to him evertime we get around the computer. Grandmother Arnold

  7. We (Teresa -and I. She is my nurse companion) loved it! You do a good job!

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