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Seven months old

on March 28, 2012

Hold the phone!  Noah’s seven months old???  Whoa!  Yes, Noah Daniel turned 7 months old yesterday and I couldn’t be more surprised.  It seriously seems like yesterday when I thought six months seemed so far away.  And now we’re starting his seventh month.

What a month we’ve had!  Noah is now eating three solid meals a day… most days.  I still have to remind myself that he’ll eat when he’s hungry.  Otherwise, I can’t make him eat.  And trust me, I’ve tried.  😛

We’ve had some great visits with several friends and family over the past month.  First, Andrew and Lindsey came down from Louisville to visit one night.  We have sorely missed them over the past year.  And then, Joel’s parents came in for a week-long visit from Texas.  We would have had them stay longer if we had one more room in our house.  But with only two bedrooms, Joel and I weren’t getting much sleep.  🙂  Of course, my birthday fell in the midst of all the hubbub, which was nice.  I had a great girls’ night out dinner with several friends on Thursday before my birthday.  And Joel surprised me with a gathering of more friends for lunch on Sunday.  Needless to say, I am very blessed with many people in my life who love me.  🙂

Let’s see, Noah has now tried eating prunes, cauliflower, ham, and strawberries.  He broke out after the third day of eating strawberries, which apparently is a Spencer family trait.  I just have to monitor how much he gets when he eats them.  Otherwise, he’s adjusting to eating solid foods pretty well.  We hit a speed bump right before the Spencer’s got here but since then, he’s doing much better.  We’re still breastfeeding more than eating solid foods.  However, I have to say that he is losing more interest in me and finding more interest in solid foods.

As you’ll see in the pictures, Noah got to ride a horse for the first time while Joel’s parents were here.  I took Mom to a friend’s stable in Cleveland so we could ride and Noah could see horses for the first time.  He had a great time and Mom enjoyed the trail ride.  (Noah was very secure in my arms.  We only walked in the ring with Becky leading the horse and me holding Noah.  He almost fell asleep in my arms as we walked back.)

We had a couple of picnics with Joel’s parents while they were here.  The one by the city lake featured a large duck trying to eat all of our food.  The one at Vogel State Park featured a goose getting to know us.  Noah absolutely loved having his grandparents here.  He even got to where he would smile when he saw them!  With all those arms to hold him, I felt like I was on vacation!!!  🙂

Noah is now trying to learn how to crawl.  He can officially roll from his back to his belly and vice versa (on occasion).  He can sit up on his own and enjoys doing so all the time.  He has finally learned how to jump in his jumperoo.  (In fact, he started jumping two days before Mom and Dad got here, which was perfect since they gave him the jumperoo!)  He is still a drooling machine.  I keep a drool bib nearby whenever he’s just sitting and playing.  He loves to put everything in his mouth!  I still don’t see any white caps, but I’m guessing they’ll be here soon enough.

Surprisingly enough, I’ve read five books in the past two weeks.  I found that I really do enjoy reading and can’t put a book down once I’ve started.  Mom had recommended a series of books that I started while they were here.  And then a friend gave me a “three-in-one” book series that I loved.  I actually got a library card and will now be checking out more books at the library since buying them just doesn’t make sense.

I think that covers everything.  I’m sure I’ll pass along anything new in the next blog.  Until then, here are more pictures for your enjoyment!

This one is just for Susan.  Noah really loves his llama llama!

I decided to take pictures of him sitting up one day.  He looks so big in this picture!

Lindsey getting to hold Noah for the first time.  We had to wake him up just for them to meet him!  I think he thought he was down for the night!!  🙂

Noah has really learned to love Max, his lovie.  However, sometimes Max likes to play hide-and-seek with Noah.  Unfortunately, Noah thinks he’s still hiding.  🙂

Noah loves eating his toes!  They have become his favorite “thing” to chew!

We love playing with him on the floor after a bath.  All he needs is a diaper and he’s happy!

Noah is doing full push-ups now.  If I could just get him to figure out what to do with his legs… well one day.  🙂

I think this image captures best his jumperoo actions.  If you notice the parrot and the monkey are at odd angles.  This is Noah at his best jumperoo’ing!

As soon as Mom and Dad arrived, Noah was ready to welcome them with his infectious smile!

Mom really loved playing on the floor with Noah and his Tiny Town.

Noah hanging out with Grandpa watching a little basketball.

Once we got him eating again, he loved being fed by anyone with a spoon!

One of the ways we know Noah is about finished eating… he starts to chew on his fingers.  Of course, then whatever is in his mouth gets on his hands and then gets everywhere.  But we’re working on that.  🙂

As mentioned, the duck would not leave us alone.  I just had to show how brave he way even after we had tried to get him to leave us alone.  I thought the duck was going to jump on the table with us!

While at the city lake, we decided to walk around with Noah in the stroller.

This is what happens when Noah has a full belly and is walked non-stop in the stroller.  All pooped out!

At the city lake with the sun setting.

Again at the lake with the sun going down.

Mom and Dad enjoying some Noah time.

Mom snapped this picture while we were finishing up Noah’s bath.  A bubble mustache always looks good on my little boy!

Here is the evidence of said event… Noah riding a horse for the first time.  I guess I didn’t share with Joel my plans because he wanted to know if Noah had a helmet!

Becky giving Noah his first ride across the ring.  Even in that short distance, he almost fell asleep!  I can’t wait until he can get on the pony!!

Mom and Noah posing at Vogel.

Joel and Noah looking at the goose that was enjoying our company.

Noah wasn’t too sure about the goose that came around.

“Mom?  Dad?  Do you know there’s a goose right there???”

Noah loves playing with his daddy!

Just a cute picture of him at Vogel.

Noah decided to nap with me while we laid in the hammock.  🙂

When Noah wakes up from a nap, he’s not always the friendliest.  🙂

We surely enjoyed our time at Vogel that day!

Mom brought her flutes to play.  Noah was enthralled!

Noah’s first trip in the shopping cart with me at the grocery store.  He did so good!

And just yesterday, we laid out on the grass and played in the sun for a while.  Noah’s loves to be outdoors!!

Well, again, that’s all for now.  Exciting things to come as he gets older!  🙂

2 responses to “Seven months old

  1. Aunt Sylvia says:

    He is just getting cuter and cuter. We’re off to check on our kids the end of May, early June. Jack will be 1 on june 1…ALREADY!

  2. Mom Spencer says:

    OH Sweet Noah,I miss you………………..
    These are such good pictures Kristin, enjoyed the blog.
    Mom Spencer aka grandma

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