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Another month gone…

on April 27, 2012

As our friend Jubilee celebrates her third birthday today, Noah is celebrating his 8th month birthday.  It’s hard to believe that he’s that old.  I know, he’s not “that old” but to me, he is.  I see small babies and think about how little Noah was when he was born.  People make comments that Noah’s so small for his age.  I know he’s little but to me, he’s soo big!  🙂

No major new developments to talk about this month.  He isn’t crawling yet and still doesn’t have any teeth.  He’s making new sounds and discovering new things all the time.  But he has yet to make mobility an active part of his day.  I’m okay with that for now.

Noah is taking fewer naps and sleeping much better at night.  He still prefers his long nap in the morning, which rules us out for anything like play dates at the park or the reading time at the library.  But those will come with time.  He’s dropped his evening nap so we backed his bed time up an hour and are trying to get him down by 7:30 each night.  The first night we put him down at 7:30, we looked at each other and didn’t know what to do!  We felt like we had another entire day!!  What a difference an hour makes.  🙂

We’ve been going to various fishing spots for Joel since trout season opened the first of this month.  Most of the time Noah and I have a good time together.  There are a few occasions where the weather and/or Noah’s mood were a little challenging.  Who knew it would be so cold last weekend?!

Noah has now tried cantaloupe, butter peas, white grapes and black eye peas.  I’ve found that he can’t eat peas several times in a row.  His little mouth breaks out so I’ll just keep trying different variations.  I’ve got spinach and navy beans waiting in the wings to make next.  I was reading that yogurt and cheese could be added this month.  I’m not sure so I’ll hold off until I get more info.

God is still miraculously providing for us.  I can never say enough about how God has provided for us and how He’s transforming us daily.  I am so grateful still that I am able to stay home and not worry about how our mortgage is going to get paid.  Joel and I are still in disbelief so often at God’s hand on our finances.  We’ve even managed to eat out several times over the past month.  Plus, we got a great deal on a hotel in Waynesville, NC so we’re going up there next weekend to celebrate our anniversary.  (Noah is going along with us.  We wouldn’t want it any other way!)  Again, as I sit here and write this, I’m shaking my head and trying to figure out how to truly express how blessed we are.  That just doesn’t say enough about how I truly see God’s hand moving in our lives.

Well, enough babbling… It’s time for pictures.  As you’ll see, our little boy is growing up!!  We love him so much and we’re so thankful for those around us who love him too.  Enjoy!

At the river down the road from our house.  We enjoy going out and just being outside with our little man.  His first trip in Daddy’s backpack.  🙂

Out with Noah at the river.

Noah watching Daddy fishing.  We went to Panther Creek on the Habersham side and Noah enjoyed watching Daddy in the water.

He falls asleep in his stroller most times that we’re out in it.  What a sweetie!

I named this picture “jubilant” because I think it best describes his excitement.  He was in the river with his Daddy and loving every minute of it!

The boy has some hair coming in!  I couldn’t resist pulling it into a mohawk after a bath one day.  🙂

This is the reaction I get sometimes when Noah is eating.  I think he’s saying, “Seriously?  You want me to eat that??”

Down at the river just below Yonah Dam.  Noah loves the water!

Um, broccoli was yummy but just a little bit messy too.  🙂

Sitting in the creek near Clayton.  We found a great spot to sit and enjoy the outdoors with no one around.

I love my little boy!!

“Daddy, are you sure this tree will hold me?”

The two men in my life.  Oh how I love them!

Noah is doing push-ups now.  He just wants to stay toned and in shape.  😉   Seriously, he is really close to crawling.  He just can’t figure out what to do with his hands.

Another funny after bath hairstyle.  🙂

This is what it feels like to jumperoo in my undies!!  Yay!!

Noah has started raising his arms and leaning his head to one side when sitting down to play.  We love it and call it his “Praise Abba Daddy” pose.  He gives praise to Abba Daddy often!

The hammock goes with us just about any time we’re out now.  I love it but Noah’s still not too sure.

We had to wake him up one day to go somewhere.  This is how we found him.  He was SOUND asleep laying on Max.  What a cutie!!

Aunt Sarah pulled out this walker last week and let us borrow it.  Noah is motoring all over the deck, kitchen and front porch!

Just a cute picture of him in Helen.

Thanks to Mom Spencer, I’ve started reading again.  Enjoying our time by the Hooch in Helen.

Once again, sleeping on mommy is his favorite thing to do.  I love it!

A trip to Bass Pro Shops turned out to be a visit to the aquarium!  Noah and Daddy taking in the fish at the big tank in the store.

I can’t wait to take him to the real aquarium in Atlanta!!

Chinese dinner with the Belcher’s and Teems’.  Aunt Susan loves to bless and love on Noah as much as possible!

Aunt Janice getting some Noah time.   🙂

As mentioned, who knew it was going to be so cold last weekend?  We went to Helen and found a spot in the woods where we could sit and Joel could fish.  With the wind, we about froze!!

Yesterday evening, Joel took Noah for a dip in the Hooch.  Noah would much rather be in the water than sitting in the hammock with Mommy.  If only he would fit in Daddy’s waders!!

All praise and glory to Abba Daddy!  He is our provider and protector!  We love Him!  Praise Abba Daddy!!

Look forward to a trip to Asheville for the Big Love Fest that we went to last year.  (Noah’s mustache bib came from there.)  I’m sure we’ll have pictures galore!!  As always, thanks for your prayers and interest in our lives.

2 responses to “Another month gone…

  1. Harriet says:

    \o/ praising God with you!!! Love you guys….and miss you so much. ❤

  2. Susan B says:

    I love reading your posts 🙂 What a wonderful son you have. I am so thankful to get to spend some time with you all. Love you 🙂

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