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Nine months old and growing quickly

on May 31, 2012

Okay, for the sake of not sounding repetitive, I’ll not say something like, “Wow!  Nine months already?!” or “I can’t believe Noah is nine months!”  It’s true, nine months have come and gone like a lightning bolt and we’re cruising quickly to Noah’s first birthday.  (Only 12 weeks to go!)

A few highlights from the past month:

Noah now weighs in at a whopping 16 lb. and a few ounces.  (He was clothed and diapered when last weighed, so not an accurate weigh-in.)

He has now tried mommy’s homemade “super porridge” consisting of brown rice mixed with some form of fruit.  He loves mangos along with strawberries.  His new favorite has to be Cheerios.  He truly enjoys eating them as much as anything else.  He’s drinking well from a sippy cup but only when it has a little bit of apple juice in it.  🙂  He enjoyed the navy beans and probably would have liked the baby lima beans if I hadn’t burned them.  😛  I’ve got asparagus and zucchini waiting in the wings to be introduced soon.

We’ve had several not enjoyable moments with him trying new foods.  He is probably allergic to cow’s milk as he had a pretty severe reaction to yogurt last week.  And then, just this morning, I tried goat’s milk yogurt.  Well, he’s had the same reaction as the cow’s milk.  His poor little body is covered with hives as I write this.  I’ve got coconut milk yogurt to try next.  If that doesn’t work, I’m not going to try anymore yogurt.  I saw cheese made from beans at the store yesterday (in the tofu section!) so I might try that to get him some semblance of dairy.  We’ll see how that goes.

(On a side note, he may have an allergy to the yeast in the yogurt.  So we’re going to give something else a try with dairy before we rule it a milk allergy.)

The three of us went to Asheville this past month to celebrate mine and Joel’s anniversary.  What a difference a baby makes in how you travel!  Normally, Joel and I would have spent our evenings walking around downtown Waynesville and enjoying ourselves while eating out at different restaurants.  This time, however, we were back in the room no later than 7 p.m. both nights and ate dinner sitting on the bed while our little man got his beauty sleep.  🙂  We had a great time and look forward to many more outings in the future!

He is absolutely crawling now.  At times, he still shuffles around, but when he sees something he wants, there is very little stopping him.  I have mixed emotions about his new-found mobility.  I love that he’s getting around on his own, but it’s difficult for me to get much done when he’s awake now.  I can still convince him to be content in his walker while we’re in the kitchen together, but he’s still able to get in to trouble when even confined to the walker!  (He’s learned how to open our cabinets.  I’m just waiting for the slammed finger to come soon.)

Our little man still has no teeth.  Not complaining but it sure would help if he could chew some food.  He has the most incredible gag reflex I’ve ever seen!  I can’t even get the tiniest piece of banana down him.  (But he can eat Cheerios almost whole… makes you wonder, huh?)  I did sneak some bananas in with his Cheerios once, but he sure didn’t enjoy them as much.

He loves to chatter and sing now.  He says “Bababa” all the time.  And while we were walking through a creek earlier this week, he sang almost the entire time.  He LOVES to be in the water.  He’s only sat in the creek so far.  We can’t wait to get him in to Aunt Billi’s pool soon!

He met his great Aunt Melanie this week for the first time.  He loved seeing her and getting to see his great grandpapa too.  Grandmother and Grandaddy came over one day for a visit recently as well.  We certainly enjoyed the visits.

Well, that’s enough chatter for now.  Thanks for your continued prayers!  And now for the best part… pictures!

Noah loves when we blow bubbles together.  He just can’t figure out why he can’t grab them.

Noah getting an up-close look at Jubilee and Mercy’s chickens.  The rooster even crowed several times for him!

We decided to sit in the swing and watch the men try to catch Jubilee’s bunny.  We had a few laughs at their expense!

Sitting with Grandmother on the couch, enjoying the time spent.

Asheville’s Big Love Fest – where we shared much love together!

Watching the golfers from our balcony at the Waynesville Inn.

We thought this would be a great picture… except we didn’t figure out how to get Noah to actually look at the camera.  Oh well.

A new found joy… standing up on his own.  I wish I could explain how quickly he is moving along now.  I have few doubts that he’ll be walking soon.

A great picture of the wonderful men in my life!  I never knew I could love two people so much!!

A stop on the Blue Ridge Parkway to take some pictures and let Noah stretch his legs.  It was a little cooler than we anticipated!

He loves eating his toes still.  Oddly enough, it wasn’t sunny on this stop but it was too bright for him to open his eyes.  He kept squinting and closing his eyes.  Too cute!

We found him sitting up in bed a couple of weeks ago and lowered the bed immediately.  (The mobile was also removed that same day.)  We had to lower the bed once more this week since we found him standing in it.  (And I just found him playing with his monitor hanging beside his bed.  Holy cow!!)

I mentioned how much Noah loves to be in the water.  Here he is dipping his feet in the Soque River.  It was a little chilly this day, so he wasn’t about to sit in it.

We got this super cute “stride-n-ride” toy.  He loves to stand behind it and chew on the handle.  Pretty soon, he’ll be pushing it all over the house!

Before I started REMEMBERING to bring his sippy cup everywhere, I started giving him water from my straw.  From the first time forward, he was a pro!

At the Dillard House for Mother’s Day.  Thankfully we went later in the afternoon when there wasn’t much of a crowd.  Noah and Joel got me a beautiful necklace, breakfast in bed, and a day without changing one diaper!  Score!!

Mine and Noah’s new favorite thing to do is snuggle after he “wakes up” in the mornings.  Joel has been bringing him to me straight from his crib.  Most mornings, Noah just wants to jungle gym on me but some mornings he sleeps for real.  He’s such a sweetie!

A trip to the Mountain Laurel Festival proved to be too tiring for our little guy.  He was asleep before we even knew it!

Joel took Noah to Jones Bridge Park on the Hooch while I got a much-needed massage.  (A Christmas present from Joel.) On a side note, my family lived just down the street from this park when we lived in Atlanta.  Joel drove right past our old house!

“What’s in there, Mommy?  And can I get it out?”  Noah’s new adventure opening the doors in the kitchen.

My poor little boy after cow’s milk yogurt.  Pitiful!

Hanging out at Sarah’s Creek on Memorial Day.

As mentioned, Noah was super happy the entire time we were out in the creek.  He loved every minute!

Noah with his great Aunt Melanie and great Grandpapa.  He loved getting to see them and spend time with them earlier this week.

Looking forward to Father’s Day!  More adventures await as Noah’s mobility increases…

One response to “Nine months old and growing quickly

  1. Harriet says:

    As always I am overjoyed to see all of you!! Noah is beautiful!!! Sounds like he is seriously aware of textures with food.. lol Keep posting these blogs!!! I will keep ya’ll in prayer. ❤

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