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Noah Daniel is 10 months old!

on June 28, 2012

Yesterday, Noah turned 10 months old. I’m already planning his first birthday party, prepping food and invitations… at least in my mind. 🙂

We’ve had an interesting month, needless to say. Noah has gotten stronger crawling and I now have to plan around his nap times in order to get some things done. He’s really good when he’s up and doesn’t get in to things and places he knows he’s not supposed to go. I’m sure he’ll be walking soon enough, though. He’s pulling up on everything. And, when I sit down with him, he’ll stand on his own for at least a good 10 seconds.  (Here’s a video of Noah crawling the first week of June.  He’s much faster now.)

Unfortunately, Noah knows no fear when it comes to the edge of the bed, couch, or chair. Thankfully he hasn’t gone over the edge, and I’m hoping he won’t, but if it does happen I’m praying that it will be a lesson learned on his part. 🙂

He loves to be in the kitchen with me still. I’ll let him play with the pans in the cabinet, which he enjoys until they start coming out of the cabinet. He’s not sure why they seem to “chase” him across the floor. Every time one comes out, he crawls to me whimpering. He’ll get used to them soon enough.

We really enjoyed ourselves as we went to Tallulah River for Father’s Day. We set up the tent and relaxed at the campground while Joel fished. We’re glad we had no inkling of what was to come the next day.

On Monday, Noah woke up with a fever of about 102. We gave him Tylenol and prayed over him. I called his doctor to find out what to do. Around noon, his fever was up to 104 but went down after another dose of Tylenol. We called the doctor back and made a sick appointment. By the time the nurse called us back, Noah’s fever was 105. We just prayed and held him close because we didn’t know what to do. The doctor gave him some Motrin and sent us to the hospital to do some tests. We had to get blood work and x-rays and then back to the doctor. On the way to the hospital, I prayed over and anointed Noah. (What a reminder of Who Noah belongs to. We have been given charge over him, but our Abba Daddy is his Father.) While at the hospital, Noah’s fever broke and we never looked back. He’s been fine since and was given a clean bill of health from the tests. How thankful we are for The Healer’s hand once again in our lives!!

On a lighter note, Noah officially weighed 16 lb. 12 oz. at his last well visit. He has now tried rice pasta and kidney beans. We’re holding off on any additional dairy tests for a while. I didn’t try the coconut milk yogurt on him. The doctor said to wait for at least a month before trying any soy cheese or other items like that, which is fine with me. So I won’t be giving him eggs, nuts, or dairy, at least not for a while.

We’re planning on going to Aunt Billi’s pool soon. Not sure when but I’m super excited to get him in to see how he does! Joel and I have decided that the pool will be perfect because he’ll be doing three things he loves: playing with water, in his undies, outside. I’m just waiting for the water to get a little warmer. The weather over the next few days should make it just right!

Well, that’s all for now. Looking forward to a date day with my hubby soon. (We haven’t been on one since December.) Enjoy the pictures!

Noah enjoying a Baby Mum Mum.  Too bad he still doesn’t have any teeth yet to help chew them up.

Enjoying the weather before the mosquitoes attacked.

Enjoying a trip downtown with Daddy.

He loves to play with his toys all the time.  Notice the growing belly!!

“Mommy, stop taking pictures of me crawling!!  I want you to hold me now!”

Noah loves to get up from bed in the morning and come back to bed with me.  Yes, he’s my little sleeper.  He often takes at least 3 hours of naps during the day and still goes down at 7:30 at night.  Stirring around 6:30 in the morning, he and I usually get up around 7:30.

My bearded little boy has a LOT of hair!  We’ve discussed having to trim it because it’s in his eyes and growing more daily!!

Noah enjoying his play time with friends Jubilee and Mercy.  This is the first time that Noah actually played with them and didn’t just sit and watch them play.

I thought this outfit was just hysterical!  I had a moving target all day when he wore it!!!  Here he is showing off his pulling up skills on his dresser.

Some good Llama Llama time with Aunt Susan.  Thankfully, she knew just what to get him before he was even here.  Noah loves his Llama Llama!

In the river with Mommy on Father’s Day.

Same river, same day.  Daddy’s turn!  Once again, Noah shows us just how much he loves being in the water.

A family picture for Father’s Day.

Noah and I met Aunt Hetty for lunch in Commerce this month.  We enjoyed getting to see her while she was in town from Savannah.

Every so often, I’ll try to read a book to Noah after feeding him in the morning.  He’s not too sure about it yet, but he’ll get there.  I keep trying.  Here we’re reading one of Joel’s favorite books growing up.  🙂

Our little Fightin’ Illini!  The first time he’s worn this outfit.  He looked just adorable!!

Noah enjoying the cooler weather on the front porch with Daddy on his 10 month birthday.  What chubby cheeks he’s getting!!

“Daddy, I think I can take pictures better than you.  Can I have the camera now?”  There’s no stopping him now!  🙂

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  1. This is Adorable. You are creating many happy memories !

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