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Our growing boy… 11 months already!

on August 4, 2012

Well, in less than 30 days, Noah Daniel will be one year old. I am speechless. A ton has happened over the past year so I’m guessing that’s why it went by so quickly. But I never knew it would feel like this… {sitting here shaking my head because I have no words to say}.

Let me see if I can remember the remarkable things about the past month. First, we have finally found that Noah is not allergic to soy milk or soy yogurt. We have now had soy yogurt several times with no reactions. Yahoo!

Second…TEETH! Yes, Noah now has one tooth out with another on the way very soon. We all survived the first one without any tears. He seems to have a distraction but no major issues with cutting teeth. And for this we are truly thankful!!

And with a tooth, Noah now has the ability to eat cut up pieces of food. Yeehaw!! Most of you may have already seen the video of Noah eating sweet potatoes. (If not, click here.) He has now eaten peas, watermelon, grapes, and plums. I’m super excited because it means that I may be moving into making family meals instead of Noah food. 🙂

I’ve also given him a very small amount of toast this month. Just wanted something new and crunchy for him to eat. He loved it, of course. Not wanting him to get used to eating just bread, I only tried it once.

I’m in full-swing of planning his birthday party. I feel pretty good since invites have gone out and a lot of other things have already been taken care of. I just have to start baking the cupcakes. Once I get those done, I’ll be sitting pretty for the actual day of the party.

Noah went swimming for the first time this month. He was overly tired and very clingy that day, so the pictures were lovingly taken by Bibi and Aunt Sarah. He enjoyed himself though. We’re trying to figure out when to go back since the float is still blown up in our bedroom! 😛

Unfortunately, Noah has not been doing well with others lately. We spent much of the past week with Joel’s sister and her family. Most of the time, Noah decided that he didn’t want anyone else to hold him except his mommy or daddy. And I can’t seem to do anything in the house without my little shadow. I’m okay with this except when he’s standing up, holding my legs, crying for me to pick him up while I’m fixing his meal. I get kind of stuck in one spot in those moments. But they’re so short-lived, it’s really not bad.

And speaking of standing up, Noah can now stand on his own without any support. He’s still super wobbly and unsure of himself but he keeps testing the waters to see how well he can stand. He’s even tried holding something in both hands while standing on his own. He does it so randomly, it’s hard to get pictures. But we’ll get him standing soon enough.

Noah is still sleeping well through the night. He also takes several naps during the day, depending on our activities. Obviously, the more stimulated he is, the more he sleeps. This is good to know for future reference, i.e. a certain birthday party. 😉 I’m still pumping but he only gets a bottle before bed now. He doesn’t seem to mind and loves getting his nightly bottle. Joel has started reading scripture to us when Noah’s getting his bottle. We really feel like it’s important to start now to read scripture as a family on a regular basis. I’m excited that Joel feels strongly about it and how it will positively affect Noah as he grows.

Once again, I’m at the end of a blog, which means I’m one month closer to my son being a year old. Joel and I often marvel at how fast the past year has gone by. And we often long for the days when Noah was smaller. Not that we don’t love him now more than anyone else in the whole world… we just miss the “babiness.” Even now, there’s a tear in my eye as I think about all that has transpired since we first met Noah, not to mention since we found out we were having a baby. (Don’t get too excited. We’re not looking to have more. Just missing our little baby boy.) 🙂

For those who can make it to the party, we look forward to seeing you soon. For those who can’t make it, please know that we understand completely!!

As for now, enjoy the pictures!!

We just love this picture of him.  Of course, there are few pictures that we don’t love of him.  🙂

What a face!!  He is just too adorable!!  I think I’m in love.  🙂

Joel took this picture to compare with one my mother sent of me standing up.  Of course, the similarities are very much there.

Noah loves to try and grab the camera while we’re taking pictures.  However, this time, he was just playing peek-a-book with me while I was taking pictures.  He climbed all the way up just to peek around the camera and smile at me.  Awwww!

Noah loves to stand up at the dishwasher.  Now if I could just get him to put the dishes up…  😉

Noah taking a ride on his stride-n-ride.  He loves playing with his daddy!

The picture I used for the birthday card.  He is so beautiful!!

Wanting to help with the laundry, Noah stands up to empty the dryer.  He’s still learning how to fold his clothes.  😉

We had to wake him up one morning to go somewhere.  This is how we found him.  Our little sleeper with his Max.

Here we are at the pool.  He was just getting in… a little unsure of what to do.

Getting out of the pool, we stopped for a minute on the steps.  He loved patting the water.

Noah and his friends, Jubilee and Mercy, drying off after a morning in the pool.

After a visit with a couple of family friends in Clayton, Noah had several new toys to play with, including these super cool blocks.  He LOVES knocking them down after we stack them!

This is where you’ll often find us in the evening.  When we’re waiting for 7:30 to roll around, or we feel that Noah just isn’t ready for bed yet, Joel and I will sit in his bedroom.  Noah will often play by himself while Joel and I play with his toys.  We’ve made up several games that might interest Noah once he gets old enough!  🙂

Another toy given to Noah by a friend in Clayton.  He loves playing with his crazy monkey in the kitchen.

Peek-a-boo!  I just thought this was a cute picture of him.  🙂

“Mommy, could you please move that camera so I can see what Daddy is doing???”

We were blessed with a visit with the Knowles family while they were in town for a wedding.  What a great time we had in such a short time!

Pictures of our visit with the Martins along with birthday pictures and updates soon to come!

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