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on October 8, 2012

You heard correctly… Noah Daniel has begun walking. He’s not very fast by any stretch yet, but he’s getting faster each day. In fact, we went to the store the other day just to buy new shoes for him. (We have a ton of shoes in the attic, but they’re all too big for him right now.) Strange to think that our son now has the newest shoes in the family… by FAR! 🙂

Noah turned 13 months old recently. I’m still debating on whether or not to keep posting this blog. (Thanks to my hubby, Harriet, and Valerie for the encouragement to keep going!) I’m still not sure if I’ll post my thoughts but I will most likely keep putting pictures out here. He’s just too darn cute for the world not to see him! 😉

Let’s see, my little boy now has four teeth through with another two in the works. He’s got both bottom teeth, one eye tooth on his right side and one front tooth on his left side. There are days when I’m sure he’s cutting four teeth at once with all the drooling he does. I’m just glad it doesn’t bother either of us.  His left eye tooth is just now starting to come through so it should be here very soon.

There was a time in the past when I think we would have been going nuts over how messy he is. It’s amazing how quickly he can scatter toys throughout the house! Not to mention eating. Holy cow!! He knows he can eat so much faster with his hands than with a spoon. And he’s just recently figured out how to get food off his hands… by shaking them off!! That’s right… he’s throwing food all over now.

On a side note, now that I mention it, I guess that’s why a baby can’t do anything for the first few months. It’s almost as if God knew that we wouldn’t be able to handle some things right off the bat. I know all kids are different, but we’ve had it really easy with Noah. So from my standpoint, it seems that God prepares you for all of the potentially difficult things by starting you out slow. It’s not like he came out walking and drooling and destroying the house in a few seconds. No, God knows that we can’t take everything at once. So, we’ll keep trying to adjust to Noah’s ever changing daily habits.

Noah’s eating habits have taken a drastic turn for the better recently. He’s eating more adult food and I only keep jars of food in the cabinet for emergencies and travelling. And even then, we’ve started taking a cooler with us so I can take homemade food. With his milk allergy, we just can’t take a chance on someone else’s cooking yet.

Speaking of travelling, we made a trip to Atlanta recently for my cousin’s wedding. We were (well, I was) concerned about how Noah would do considering the wedding started at 6:30 and he normally goes to bed at 7:30. So we made the decision to stay down there for the night. We were very blessed to find an affordable 2-room suite 15 minutes from the wedding. It was much easier knowing we didn’t have a long drive home. And Noah slept until 10 the next morning!! (Thankfully check-out was at noon!!) Of course, Noah did fine at the wedding. We were super excited to see so many family members. There’s just never enough time to spend with everyone like we want.

Thanks to the cooler weather, we’ve been getting out and about more recently. We’ve also had the windows open in the house, which has meant a runny nose for my little man. Apparently, he and mommy have similar allergies. I know he’ll be fine but I just hate hearing sniffle and snot, only because I know how I feel when I do that and I don’t want him to feel that way too.

Someone asked recently if he’s saying any words yet. He’s definitely testing out his vocabulary but nothing definitive as of yet.  He’ll say things like “mamamama” but he’s definitely not referring to me.  Although we are able to communicate with him much better.  If you ask him any question, and he thinks he’s interested, he’ll flap his arms like he’s trying to be a bird and bounce his whole body while grunting.  We have tried teaching him sign language, but we found that he would rather communicate with flapping arms.  Oh well.  😛

At night, I generally think of many more things to share on here about him but for some reason, nothing else is coming to mind. So I’ll cut it short and let you enjoy the latest pictures of him.

One year ago, we took these pictures out by the dam.  We decided to make it an annual tradition.

My… how he’s grown!

Eating lunch in Athens with Aunt Hetty.

Noah loves his Aunt Hetty!!  🙂

Our happy little boy loves to be outside!!

At a wedding we went to in early Sept.

It looks like Noah’s really fishing with several of these pictures.  Ha!!

My little boy.  I’m in love!

Praise Abba Daddy!!

Noah D getting a good laugh with his daddy!

Yes, we let our child climb rocks in the middle of rivers all the time!  😉

Having fun with Daddy’s box of lures.

We have officially moved Noah’s tub to the big tub.  He still takes a bath in his tub but we no longer have to worry about how much he splashes around.

The reason for many baths… enough said.  🙂

Me and my cousin, Lori, with her little one, Tyler.  The cousins had three babies this year alone.  Who would have ever thought I’d get in on that statistic?!

At my cousin’s wedding in Atlanta.  Beautiful location (Rhodes Hall).  Beautiful evening.  Beautiful wedding.

My family after the wedding.  We’re trying to figure out when we get to eat at this point.  😉

As mentioned, Noah slept until 10 a.m. after the wedding in ATL.  He definitely looks like it, huh?

We had a big bay window in the bedroom at the hotel.  Noah loved looking out over the landscape.

I had to throw this one in even though it has nothing to do with Noah.  We had this visitor one night come to eat our cat’s food.  Note the head of the cat in her tower on the deck while watching the visitor come to eat.  I couldn’t believe it!!

My sweet little boy.  We’ll get him to smile for pictures very soon!

A progression of us walking together.

Noah can now reach and dunk the basketball that his Grandma and Grandpa Spencer gave him for his birthday.  Love it!

A recent trip to the Dillard House.  As always, includes a visit to the Farm Zoo!

My cutie patootie!

Noah with his daddy at the Cullasaja River in NC.

A silly picture for your viewing pleasure.  🙂

Noah riding piggyback on his daddy’s shoulders.

They had a blast running around!

Looking forward to a trip to Florida soon to see my grandmother and maybe some of Joel’s family.  And pumpkins will be carved with the Kilgores once we get back.  Loads more pictures to come!

One response to “Walking

  1. Linda Durrence says:

    Kristen – I love this. Do keep it coming. We have Noah’s picture on our refrigerator from the birthday invitation and love seeimg him each day. He’s a lovely child and God has blessed you all.
    Love you

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