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on November 8, 2012

Fourteen months… I keep having to remind myself that Noah is now fourteen months. I had trouble at first when people would ask about his age. I never wanted to be one of those moms that said months for years but here I am. “How old is he?” “Fourteen months.” Weird how just saying he’s a year doesn’t quite say enough. It’s as if I have to justify that he’s really older than they think. Not that it matters, but I still say it. 🙂

So, we have a full-blown toddler now. And I now understand what that word actually means. I hear “thump” and I know he’s probably on his booty after walking through the den. I also am beginning to understand how challenging it can be to parent a toddler. Noah is on the move constantly. He’s very good and understands when we tell him not to touch something. However, he has a fascination with things we’ve told him not to touch.

Joel and I often remark at how our Abba Daddy must have the greatest of patience for us as adults. I can’t begin to tell you how many times we’ve told Noah not to touch the space heaters we have out. Now, I understand that when they first came out, Noah wouldn’t know that they are off limits. They’ve been out now for at least a month. And just tonight, I watched him walk over to one and start to touch it… with me standing right behind him! How many times do I do the same thing with my Abba Daddy’s instructions?? Except, and Noah has this problem too, I blatantly go and touch the thing that’s off limits, knowing He’s watching me and shaking His head at me. It’s really incredible to watch our little guy’s mind at work sometimes. You can see the calculations in his head about the consequences versus the pleasure of doing what he’s been told not to do.

On the flip side, there are times when it’s not his fault. (Not many times, but there are a few.) For instance, how can I get on to him for coming to see me when I’m in the bathroom? I may be drying my hair, and he’s been told not to come in there, but when those big baby blues come right at me with that silly smile on his face… I’m melted!! Of course, one hug from me and he runs the other way. But if I tell him to go out of the room… it’s as if I’m saying, “Sure. Come on in here, Noah! The party was waiting for you!!” Wow!! I’m really shaking my head at the similarities between his behavior with us and our behavior with our Abba Daddy.

Let’s see… latest developments… Noah still has only the top four and bottom two teeth that we’ve seen. We can get him laughing and generally see in to check for others. There are definitely days when I think he’s cutting another tooth or two with all the drool but that’s all for now. He is starting to do a little running but not much. He’ll go about 5 feet, at best, and then fall or toddle around to a stop. He loves to be chased around the house. He’s still not sure about being caught. And his love of books continues to no end. I never knew I could memorize so many books in so little time!

One cute thing he does sometimes is try to moo like a cow. Joel does a pretty good cow impression and there are times that Noah will try the same. His just sounds the same as everything else he says, with a little extension to it. Speaking of talking, no words have been formed yet. If he says “mamamama” or “dadadada”, it’s not because he’s referring to either of us. No worries… I’m sure the talking will come soon enough.

We made a trip down to Florida to see my grandmother, my aunt & uncle, Joel’s sister & her family as well as a brief visit with Joel’s parents. <whew> Did I really just say all that in one sentence? Anywho, Joel’s parents happened to be vacationing in Destin when we were down there so we stopped by on our way home. Noah did great travelling. We drove down on Friday night, leaving at Noah’s bedtime thinking he would sleep the whole way. He did until we left the interstate… about an hour from my aunt’s house. Needless to say, I was pretty stressed upon arrival. But Noah did great! He slept well the whole time we were there. Unfortunately, he left a little gift on Joel’s sister’s carpet right before we left. (And personally, I don’t think that an entire regurgitated meal is really a gift.) Thankfully, they have four kids so they’re very well-versed with that kind of problem and took it in stride.

Oh, I almost forgot! We took Noah on his first camping trip!! Yes, we made the inaugural trip to the woods recently with him. And guess who got the most sleep? Noah. You read correctly. We went to Unicoi Springs where the camping is free along with the electricity at each site. (You can pay to have cable if you want it.) 😛 Normally, this is not the type of place that Joel and I would prefer to go. However, now that we have to consider a little one, this seemed like a good stepping point for future camping experiences.

With a Honda Pilot packed to the GILLS, we ventured over hauling two tents and plenty of stuff to fill them. Joel had his own tent while Noah and I shared the big tent. We ran the heater all night, which was a good thing since it was pretty chilly the next morning. And then, Noah took the longest nap ever while we were out there. So all things considered, the trip was a huge success and we plan on camping more often in the future.

Well, I’ll cut out for now since it’s getting late for me. I’m sure we’ll have more adventures in the not-too-distant future. Until then…

  Noah is quickly becoming a professional basketball player.  He loves his bball goal & balls!   Noah playing with the leaves on the deck recently.  He LOVES to play in leaves!

I really enjoy having Noah walk with me when we’re out and about.  He’s so slow, though, there are times that it presents a challenge.  🙂

Enjoying fall at the Shortline Trail at Tallulah Gorge State Park.

On our recent trip to Florida, Noah and Daddy took a break to sit outside and blow some bubbles.  I love Noah’s feet in these pictures!  He just sat there like a big boy.

Noah having my Aunt Sylvia read Llama Llama one more time.

Noah is trying to explain how the book works.  I think Grandmother would have figured it out on her own though.  🙂

Noah playing with his cousins.  It was the first time that he really started playing with all of the kids.

Noah takes after his mommy and daddy… he loved eating seafood!  😉

A restful moment with his cousins.  Noah had never seen a Barbie before… thankfully!  🙂

Trying to figure out the ins and outs of building blocks.  I think he just thought they tasted good.

Having fun on the chair with his cousins and Daddy.

Checking out the beach for the first time.  He loved being there but probably would have preferred a nap at this point.

Noah taking a crack at building sand castles.

At Joel’s parents’ condo, Noah loved looking out over the beach and the ocean.

Grandma and Grandpa cheering Noah as he makes a “basket”.

We went to pick out pumpkins for carving at Hillside Orchard near Clayton.  Again, Noah proves to us how much he loves to be outside.

There’s a cuter one than this, but I may use it for Christmas.  So I don’t want everyone to see it prematurely.  🙂

Noah carving pumpkins with Mercy & Jubilee.  Next year, his new best friend Nehemiah (or Oakes) will be along to play with!  Yay!!

Noah with Mercy & Jubilee enjoying a good pile of leaves.

More pumpkins are carved each year as our families keep growing.  🙂

Noah enjoying the rocks around the campsite upon arrival.  Does anyone want a snack?  They sure look tasty!  😉

Early morning rise & shine.  Noah and Daddy enjoying the fire after a long night.

Noah and his lollacup.  I really like the cup.  He doesn’t care as long as it’s full.

One warmer day before the cold settles in.  Of course warmer for us means mosquitoes.  So we’ll take the colder weather.

Noah playing in a pile of leaves his daddy made for him.

Man, that’s love!  Enjoying cookies together one afternoon.

I pulled Noah’s gloves out for him again and found that they’re still too big for his hands… but they fit his feet perfectly!  Ha!

Noah watching the puppets at Harvest Festival in Toccoa.  Thankfully he didn’t notice how dingy and weird they were.

A brief walk at the festival before returning home.

Looking forward to seeing my parents soon as well as Thanksgiving.  More pics to come!!

One response to “Toddlerville

  1. Valerie says:

    Kristen, I can hardly believe how much Noah is changing. He’s a wee cutie. Thanks for keeping us up to date. What a privilege Noah has in having you and Joel as parents. What a goegeous picture of Noah and Joel gazing into each others eyes. 🙂

    You wrote “I really enjoy having Noah walk with me when we’re out and about. He’s so slow, though, there are times that it presents a challenge. :)” I hear Father speak here too. 🙂 He loves us to walk side by side with Him, and what patience He has!!!

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