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Silly socks and other stuff

on December 4, 2012

With Christmas songs playing, my son turned 15 months old last week. To say that he has progressed rapidly is an understatement! Some days, I really think he’s going to walk in and start a full-blown conversation with me.

I’m sitting here watching my bored little boy walk around hugging his newest snuggle buddy, Judah. Even with the trees outside being trimmed, instead of watching the work, he would rather walk around acting somewhat bored without me playing with him. A twinge of guilt tries to hit until I remember that it’s okay for him to be bored. At his age, having to figure out something to do with yourself is a great adventure. And he proves to me over and over again that he’s up to the challenge. Even now, he’s “walking” across the floor on his knees… just because he can. 🙂

We have entered a new stage in Noah’s life as of late. I think I’ve mentioned before that we have been trying to train Noah to sign when he wants more to eat or drink. Well, we had kind of let that go for a while and now we’re paying the price. Since we’ve decided to pursue it further, Noah has done a lot of crying over dinner and very little eating. Joel and I sat at the table last night marveling that Noah would rather cry and not sign “more please” than eat. I’m just learning what life is like with a toddler. I know it’s not a contest to win but sometimes I feel like it’s a battle of wills. I’ve just got to remember to express patience in all things, which I’m not always good at.

Noah loves to be outside more than anything else in the world. And I’m enjoying being out with him, most days. Since it’s been cooler, we’ve been able to spend time in the backyard. He loves to explore, finding something new around every corner. The other day, he found a dead slug on the front porch. Unfortunately for me, I was unaware of what he had found. He had scraped it up off the floor and proceeded to come and show it to me. When I went to get it from him I screamed! Nasty!!! Thankfully that’s a rare occasion… so far. 🙂

He is still cutting his eye teeth. Every other day I feel like Joel and I say, “It must be his teeth.” And there are days when I have no doubt that it is. When he’s drooling and chewing on everything he can find, I know his teeth are bothering him. But on other days, it’s merely a guessing game… is it his teeth or is he just being ornery? I mean, I know I never have bad days for no reason so why should he, right? 😉

We’ve decided to go for a smaller tree this year and wait a little longer before getting it. Since I don’t have a baby gate, I really don’t want to be chasing him around or wondering what’s coming off the tree when I’m in the kitchen. I think he’ll do fine with it, but it might help my stress level some if we hold off a little longer.

We enjoyed Thanksgiving Day with my parents. Noah loved seeing everyone and getting to play with toys he’s never seen before. He really enjoyed the sugar-free Jello he got to eat too! Unfortunately the time always passes so quickly. But we’re glad we got to go over and see the family.

Oh, I almost forgot… Joel and I went on a date recently!! That’s three since Noah’s been born!! Yeehaw! We took Noah down to Bibi’s house and then went to dinner down the street. We really enjoyed our time together. Hmmm… I wonder when Bibi could keep him again? 😉

A few weeks ago, Noah took his first trip to the zoo! We went to Greenville and met up with an old friend of ours from our ATL days. Noah truly enjoyed seeing all the people and kids. I’m not sure he really saw much of the animals. He will soon enough, though.

There’s really not much more to say. He had his 15-month checkup last week with no major changes.  He’s doing better than me… only gaining a pound in the last 3 months!  I have already moved him in to 18-month clothes and they fit him pretty well. Some things are a little big but he’ll grow into them.

And the little tyke is not saying words yet. Mamamama and Dadadada when he’s angry do NOT count! I told my parents that if he says anything other than Mama or Dada for his first words, he’ll be in trouble. 😉

I guess that’s about as exciting as it gets for now. Picture time!


Noah and Joel had a Daddy day recently.
Joel took about 200 pix of Noah that day!


Blue Eyes-017

Daddy Day-005



Our Christmas decorations have made it out of the attic.
Noah was enthralled with all of the shiny things in the box!


We recently went to the zoo with our old ATL friend, Nathan.


Noah looking at the elephants, who were surprisingly close!

zoo mommy-010


Looking at baby Kiko and his mommy. (See below)


Baby Kiko.


animal friends-004

After naps, Noah loves to have his stuffed animals tossed in the crib with him.


Noah perusing the latest Field & Stream.


Grandmommy & Grandaddy came for a visit recently.
Noah really enjoyed reading with Grandmommy!


We stopped at a park in Seneca recently to give Noah some play time.



helping daddy

Noah’s growing so much!  He can now help Daddy rake leaves!



Attention!  Instruments up!  And a one, and a two…


yes mommy


mommy hugs



combing daddy

Trying to comb Daddy’s hair.  Wonder why it’s not working.  😉

Looking forward to Christmas and all that comes with it with our growing little man!!  Have a very blessed and Merry Christmas!!!

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