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Running shoes

on February 4, 2013

We recently marked the 17th month since Noah was born. Thinking over the past few months of blogs, I’ve really struggled with what to write since my little guy hasn’t been changing as much. Well, I have more to write about this month than I have in a while!

First, Noah has already cut his two bottom molars in the last two weeks. In addition, he has two nubs coming through the top… more molars. And, as I was rubbing his gums this morning, I found that his “dog teeth” are probably going to push through soon. My poor little booger bear has been drooling like nobody’s business. He’s not been chewing on too much stuff but he has been crankier lately. You know, everyone says that there will be more disciplining the closer he gets to 18 months. So, sometimes I’m not sure if he’s being disobedient out of his age, his moodiness, or his teething. Whatever the case, I’m trying HARD to be consistent. And let me tell you… that’s HARD!!

Second, Noah has finally learned to sign a few words!! After almost a year of trying/training, he’s finally decided that he’s okay with the idea. So for now he’ll say “eat”, “more please”, and “thank you”. He’s working on “yes” which he only does when he feels like it. But I have to say that having a broader form of communication is making my life much easier!!

Speaking of communicating, he’s definitely learned where the crackers/snacks are on top of the fridge. Doesn’t matter what time of day it is (generally 9:00 a.m.) he’ll walk past and point to the top of the fridge. Almost every time, I’ll tell him that he’s not eating crackers for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Unless he’s really and truly hungry, he usually moves on without a fight.

Let’s see, we all were sick the week of New Years. Joel got sick first with a fever and cough on Monday. Then Noah got sick on Tuesday, throwing up on me three times that day. Finally I had a fever early Friday morning but was better by the next day. Thankfully, I had already been eating & giving everyone oranges to eat so we didn’t deal with it for more than a week.

On a side note, we are actively pursuing vegetarian/vegan living. With Noah’s dairy allergy, meals became a challenge for me to prepare. Knowing that Joel and I love cheese & butter, it was hard to figure out what to do with our little man. For a while, Noah was fine with eating whatever was put in front of him. Once he started realizing that Mommy & Daddy were eating something different, he didn’t want any part of that nonsense. Also, we have watched multiple documentaries about the junk that’s in packaged food and how bad it is for us. So, Joel and I had a long talk about the possibilities after we got home Thanksgiving Day. We’ve been actively pursuing eating healthier and organically since.

A friend who is also transitioning to vegan living asked me if I felt any different. Honestly, I don’t. However, after eating just a little bit of cheese last night for dinner, I have felt super ill today. So maybe all this health eating has changed my tastes. I have to say that, although taking longer to create, my meals seem much more satisfying to serve. And I truly enjoy trying new things and eating differently while feeling full faster. Does this mean I’ll never let Noah eat another piece of meat again? No. I just don’t choose to fix meat with our meals unless we have company over. Even then, it will most likely be chicken. 🙂 (Oh and Noah has taken quite well to this change. Since he’s never had cow’s milk cheese, butter, or yogurt, he really doesn’t know the difference. And he LOVES beans & rice as well as sweet potatoes. Always a stand-by in case he doesn’t like my latest creation.)

I’ve just started researching potty training today. I honestly feel like Noah’s generally interested in it right now. I don’t want to miss his window of opportunity when he’s actually showing interest and signs. So, we’ll be purchasing ye olde potty chair soon to add to our growing collection of toddler items.

Noah is not saying distinct words yet, but he’s getting closer each day. Just this morning, he was really saying “daddy” but not knowing how or why. He just knew we were getting excited about it every time! He has, however, figured out that if he goes “Aaa” really loud several times in a row, one of us will show up to respond to his call. The first couple of times were really cute. Now I tell him that I have a name. He just thinks it’s funny and keeps on going. The hardest part is when he’s doing it just because, like when one of us is in the bathroom or the shower. I think he just wants to know that we hear him. Not really sure on that one though. 🙂

Well, I guess that’s all in the life of Noah D. Now on to pictures. Enjoy!


Met Aunt Hetty at Cracker Barrel after Christmas.  As always, enjoyed our time with our good friend from Savannah!!

noah d-013


We went hiking just north of the fish hatchery at Lake Rabun one day early this month.  Was a little cooler than we had anticipated but Noah was good to go!



Daddy loves to show Noah the water.  He had to keep a good grip of little man since he didn’t understand why he couldn’t go in the water!  🙂

big boy tub-001

Noah has started taking baths in the adult tub recently.  He loves having all the extra room to move around!


And brushing his teeth has become a twice-a-day routine.  Sometimes he has to remind us!  😉

Noah sit-014


On a rainy day, we decided to go bowling in Clarkesville.  Really had fun and was super surprised at how well Noah did!


Another rainy day found us at the rec department shooting hoops.  (Daddy has a hard time sitting around the house when it’s raining outside.)  🙂



Noah decided he had had enough of the dust-bunnies living in his room one day.  So he decided to take matters into his own hands.  😉


Our ever-growing little guy has also learned how to crawl up on the loveseat in his room.  It’s just the right height for him to hike up.  He loves reading his Bible book while sitting up there!.


I just have to say that this is probably the cutest picture of him recently!!  It’s currently our desktop.


New pj’s from Grandmommy… just in time for the super cold weather!


Window watching… a favorite past-time.  (Notice his lovey, Max.  Noah has CHEWED all of his mane off, on purpose!  We looked to get another one but they’re discontinued.  Found some on Ebay for $20 & $30!!  No thank you!!)


A bonafide snowflake sighting at our house recently.  We raced around to get him outside in the snow… only to be met with sleet and freezing rain.  Brrrr!!


So we decided to drive towards Clayton to find snow.  And find it we did!  He just couldn’t figure it out the whole time.


The family shot in the snow was a necessity!

the joint-019

Another picture that just had to be added.  It looks like he’s mad but he’s really not.  LOL!


Daddy & Noah in the snow in Clayton after eating dinner.  Sadly was the only snow we saw.  Upon returning home, found nothing on the ground but rain.  Was snowing just five miles from our house.


The funny thing about this picture is you can’t tell if it’s new or old.  I told Joel that this looks just like some older pictures we have before Noah.  Was a fun few seconds.  😉  Wouldn’t go back though because life without Noah is just not the same!  🙂

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