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Better late than never

on June 3, 2013

~~ I wrote this blog a month ago.  I’m just now getting around to posting it because I now have another blog to post soon.  I promise that more pictures will be posted.  But with over 1000 to go through from our trip to Virginia, I might just have to write without pics for a little.  🙂 ~~

Twenty months… 2 0 months.  Only four months away from 24 months.  What happened???

I sit here and write this as my little man takes a much needed nap.  We have been super busy over the past couple of days/weeks so I’m glad he’s resting.  (Was hoping to go to the library today for the first time for Reading Time but I’m not sure it will happen since it starts in less than an hour.)

Anyway, as mentioned we’ve had an interesting month, to say the least.  I’ll try to remember as much as possible but I know I’ll leave out some details.

Our friends, Hetty & Eric, came for a visit after Easter, which was GREAT!  We always love having them over and really miss seeing them more often.  We’re really praying that will change in the not-too-distant future.  🙂

Noah and I had a surprise visit from my uncle, Bill, and my grandfather and his friend.  Noah napped almost the entire time (ugh!) so I decided to wake him up to see his family.  He’s definitely hitting the shy stage where it takes him a while to warm up.  And, he’s just not sure what to do with people he doesn’t know yet.  But once he warms up, he’s good as gold.  Unfortunately, I didn’t even think about getting pictures.  But we have the memories, so that’s good.

Then, my parents came over for a visit one Saturday.  The night before, Noah had started coughing a little and wheezing.  I had given him some honey cough syrup that night because I thought he might have a little trouble with allergies.  The day my parents came over, he was really working to breathe.  I had read that honey is good to help with allergies.  So I gave him a little of our local honey that Joel had purchased the week before.  Since he’s never had trouble with honey, I never thought he would have trouble with it this time.  After his breathing didn’t get better, I got in touch with the pediatrician on call to get her recommendation.  In the meantime, I contacted a nurse whom we had gotten to know when Noah was born.  Based on both conversations, and a recommendation by Joel’s mom, we gave Noah some Benadryl to see if that would work.  Sure enough, he was fine within 15 minutes.  Turns out that the local honey we purchased might have some flower that Noah is allergic to during the pollen season.  So we’re not giving him this batch of honey again.  I will wait until it’s not purplish in color before I try some on him.

The following week, Joel’s parents came for a visit.  I can’t believe that they’ve already come and gone.  Seems like just yesterday we were plotting a way to go to the Wovenhand show in Atlanta while they were here.  Thankfully, they love us and Noah, so they were more than willing!  🙂

We had a great time with Joel’s parents.  And we’re so thankful that they let us stay overnight in Atlanta to get away for 24 hours.  They did such a great job with Noah while we were gone that he asked me for days after they left where they were.  He loved having them here!

So, I know you’re probably wondering what in the world we did with 24 hours away from little man.  We packed it FULL!  First, we headed down to Buford for lunch at CHOW BABY!!!  Oh yeah, baby!!  Give me some Chow Baby!!  (Sorry. I haven’t eaten lunch and now I’m hungry!)

Then, we went to Bed Bath & Beyond to exchange a gift I had received.  While there, I started talking to a young man that was helping me find the perfect replacement.  I found out that he’s from Southern Illinois.  I asked him where and he said, “Carbondale” which I thought was near where Joel grew up in Jacksonville.  So I mentioned that to him and he says that he went to college in Jacksonville!  Ha!!  So he and Joel got to chat for a bit about that.

Once done there, we headed down to the Artmore Hotel where we were staying for the night.  We chilled there for a while, just enjoying not having any responsibilities.  Joel had found a vegan restaurant just down the road for us to eat dinner.  We could have waited a little longer to eat dinner, but I didn’t want to be late for the show (the whole reason we were in Atlanta to begin with).  We had a very good dinner with plenty of time to spare afterwards.  So we headed back to the hotel and waited for a little bit before heading out to the show.

On a side note, Joel and I used to go to shows like this all the time.  We probably went to at least one a week, if not more at times.  So we knew what to expect when arriving at the venue.  However, having been removed from that scene for some time now, it is a little jarring to see and hear things in the natural and spiritual in those places.  There are some very dark places that we, as people, have grown accustomed to and maybe a little cold to what the Spirit would say to us in those places.

Anyway, so we got to the venue at 10:50 pm.  The band we wanted to see started playing five minutes later.  It was perfection!!  The show was great and probably one of the most spiritually filling shows I’ve been to in that setting ever.  It’s hard to describe the music, much less anything else.  But needless to say we had a great time.

So you would think that parents of a toddler would want to go to bed & sleep after being out until midnight and later, right?  Not these two parents.  We hit Café Intermezzo afterwards for some amazing desserts.  I had done really well with plant-based meals all day.  Throw that out the window when it comes to some Café Intermezzo dessert!!  Think Cheesecake Factory but much smaller, nicer, and without the “chain restaurant” feel.  And their desserts make Cheesecake Factory swoon!

We finally turned off the lights to go to sleep at 3:00 am!!  Our brunch was at the always delicious and interesting Original Pancake House on Cheshire Bridge Road in Atlanta.  I had this crazy veggie-filled pancake that was amazing!  We were physically tired when we finally got back home, obviously.  But spiritually and emotionally, we were as refreshed as we could have ever imagined.  Ahhh…. the memories!  🙂

So thankful, again, for Joel’s parents coming to allow us the time to relax and rest.  Loved having them here and am already looking forward to seeing them again soon.  🙂

As some of you know, Noah had a run-in with some eggs recently.  I had gone to the grocery store and was working to get everything out of the car.  As has become his custom, Noah decided to “help” me by pulling the eggs out of the top of the bag.  Not the whole carton of eggs, but each individual one.  I walk back in and found him in the kitchen with two eggs on the floor and one in his hand.  Of course, they were broken and we know he is allergic to them.  So I took him to the bathroom to wash his hands while Joel cleaned up the eggs.  About 30 minutes later, he started sneezing and snotting which is a sure sign that he’s having an allergic attack.  Then, his little face started getting red and he had little blisters on his face.  So we think that he touched his face before I got his hands washed.  Again, a dose of Benadryl had him good as new.

This past week has been a rough week for me and Joel.  Of course, it has nothing to do with us but with those around us.  In the midst of all of that, God has really shown us that He is in control and there is nothing we can do to change anyone else’s decisions.  I keep having to lay it down before Him and trust Him.  And then I’ll pick it back up and try juggling it again.  You know, sometimes I really see how the Father sees us when I see Noah doing things I’ve told him not to do.  Anyway, I’m just so thankful that Joel and I are confident in who we are in Christ and are in unity, walking together as a family.

Noah and I went to Toccoa Falls last week with our monthly mommy group.  We met some new friends and got to enjoy being with old friends.  Noah LOVED the falls but he was most joyful when he actually got to play in the pond.  I am still amazed at how much he loves playing in water.  It’s going to be a fun summer!

This past weekend was Jubilee’s fourth birthday.  We had a great time at her pancakes and pajamas party.  So much so that we might steal the idea for Noah.  We’ll see.  🙂

I keep forgetting to mention that Noah is almost finished cutting all of his teeth, I think.  He’s got a couple of bottom ones that have broken through and are trying to come out all the way.  Once those are done, except for the very back molars, he should be good.  Poor thing has really been cranky because they all seem to hurt at one time.  I feel bad for him and try to comfort him as much as possible.  Glad to know this is just a season!

Also, I’ve been working with him to start saying actual words.  I feel like it’s important that he figure out that he can say things and not just grunt all the time.  So, for now, he says truck (which sounds like “duck”) and stick (which sounds like “sdick”).  I’m just so excited that he’s trying.

Okay, I think this blog is long enough.  Poor little guy got very few mentions this month.  But we’re heading to Virginia and Asheville next month, so I’ll have plenty more to write about then.  🙂


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