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Talk, Run, Sit, Sleep, Eat, repeat

on November 27, 2013

Well, as I sit here with two quiet little boys (I’m babysitting today), I figured I might have enough time to write my blog… since it’s only been two months since my last blog. 😛 Here goes nothing! 🙂

Thinking over the past two months, I really feel like time has flown by. In the past two months, we’ve been to my mother’s house twice, to the ER twice, said goodbye to dear friends and endeavored to make new ones, enjoyed the fall weather but not the time change, and a lot of other things that I’m sure will come to mind as I keep writing.

First, we went to my mother’s house to help clean out some of my stuff and start getting the house ready to sell. While Joel was pruning the pyracantha on the chimney, he disturbed a wasp/hornet nest and was stung. By the time I got back to the house from an errand, he was having trouble breathing. I gave him two Benadryl tablets, woke Noah up from a much-needed nap, and headed back in to town. Joel wanted to go to an urgent care so we went to the one at the hospital. They had just closed but Joel’s breathing had calmed down. So we weren’t sure what to do next. We drove 3 miles to the other urgent care where Joel went in by himself while I got Noah out of the car. As soon as I walked in the door, Joel crumpled to the floor and started to pass out. The nurses came around and started asking all kinds of questions. Then they proceeded to tell us that they had called an ambulance.

My heart sank. I couldn’t believe this was happening again!

For those who don’t know, Joel had a stroke in 2009. We were at the mall when he had his first one. I took him the urgent care where they called 911 as soon as we walked through the door.

I was having major flashbacks.

Except this time, I had Noah.

I really don’t remember much of those few minutes spent at the Urgent Care. The ladies were so nice and very helpful. I was a mess. I kept saying that I could take him to the hospital. We couldn’t afford another EMS bill. I was crying like I hadn’t cried in a long, long time. It just all came back to me.

And I still had Noah.

The nurses at Urgent Care gave Joel an Epi-Pen shot. Epinephrine… we carry two in Noah’s diaper bag and I never really thought about them before. I will do all I can for Noah before I ever, EVER give him an Epi-Pen!

I was wise enough not to be right next to Joel was he was lying on the floor. I’m not sure Noah could see him but he knew something was just not right about the situation. (I mean, I was a blubbery mess and he knew his daddy was on the floor.) Thankfully, he was a big boy through all of this and didn’t really break down until he saw his daddy getting on the ambulance.

A sweet nurse came over to me to help me calm down and told me that the hospital has a form to fill out for financial assistance. She said that we would have to ask for it but we could leave the hospital paying a minimal amount and the EMS would match it.

The ambulance came and got Joel and I took Noah to meet Joel at the ER. As I’m strapping Noah in, he breaks down and cries out for his daddy. I was heartbroken! So I stopped strapping him in and we just prayed for Joel right there. Noah finally calmed down and we got to the ER.

It seemed like they took forever getting Joel to the ER but I was finally told to come back to his room. Turns out that once an Epi-Pen is given, a person has to be observed for several hours to monitor the reaction to the epinephrine. While we’re there, Joel passed out completely. I took Noah out of the room so he didn’t see Joel and tried calling a nurse. Finally a doctor came and said that this was normal and to expect sweats and then chills as his body went through the reaction to the epinephrine. Thankfully my mom had brought some snacks and drinks for Noah so he was just fine hanging out in the ER room. I eventually left the ER with the promise from some dear friends of ours who promised to come to the hospital from Gainesville to do whatever we needed.

They got to the hospital right as Joel was being discharged. I was so thankful for them because Noah was down for the night and I couldn’t leave him. They even bought us dinner and brought Joel to the house. These friends have no idea how thankful I am for them and their love! They turned right around and drove right back home.

So that was ER trip number one. A month later, we found ourselves at the ER again for Noah.

Saturday mornings are fun in the Spencer house. Joel will typically fix pancakes with Noah, letting Noah help stir and fix the pancakes that he loves to eat. Unfortunately, we had bought a package of pancake mix that had buttermilk in it. We are normally very careful to check ingredients carefully before purchasing, but assumed we had already checked these ingredients since we had made pancakes with this same brand before. So Noah was allowed to dip his fingers in the batter and had even eaten almost a whole pancake before we realized the mistake.

As soon as we realized what had happened, we gave him a dose of Benadryl. Then we noticed he was starting to have trouble breathing. We gave him a little more Benadryl and sat in his room for a little. He threw up and seemed to feel a little better after that. So we decided to all lie down in our bed with him to let him rest for a while.

After about an hour or so, Noah woke up and was acting a little more normal. He threw up again so we sat down on the floor to play with him.

That’s when I noticed he wasn’t acting right. Something was really wrong.

I saw Noah look up at Joel and roll his eyes back. Then I told Noah to look at me and he did the same thing. That’s when I noticed that his lips were turning blue.

Joel and I both jumped up and shot to the car. Noah rode in the front with me so I could keep him breathing. He never lost consciousness but was pretty close several times.

Once we got to the hospital, they hooked him up to check his oxygen saturation, which turned out to be fine. We never realized how red he had turned until we got there and were under those bright lights. We ended up staying there for about four hours before we went home. Noah ended up throwing up two more times at the hospital and then once more at home that night after all was said and done. At the hospital, they just checked him over several times and ended up not giving him any medication. We were thrilled!

The doctor and nurses were very encouraging and helpful all the way around. One of the nurses asked if he had been sick recently and I mentioned that he had had a fever earlier in the week for about a day. I feel like since he had already had a “hit” on his immune system that his body just couldn’t handle the milk at all and really took a dive.

Obviously we are much more careful even than we were before. We have had to give him Benadryl again twice since then from what we think are cat allergies. The cat stays outside but sometimes his hair gets in other places. So we have to really be careful about that right now. (Update: Bo has officially left the premises. Not more than a week after getting him neutered he found a home somewhere else. Only thing that concerns me is that they micro-chipped him and now he has my name and number embedded in his body. Doesn’t make me too happy.)

I’m still firm in believing that my God is healing Noah’s little body. I’m just not okay with Noah having trouble breathing at times. He’s so little that he doesn’t understand how to respond to an itchy throat or to even tell us when he feels like he’s having an issue. I know that the Lord has all three of us on this planet for a reason and that purpose hasn’t been fulfilled yet.

And now on to other news…

A few weeks ago we said goodbye to our dear friends who moved to North Carolina. We knew the move was coming but it still felt like it was too much to handle once all was said and done. I also know that they are following the Lord’s guidance and doing what I feel like we should be doing as well. I’m just sure we’re there yet.

Noah is a steady stream of words now. I can’t even begin to describe how many words he can say now that he’s talking. Sometimes I still have trouble translating but for the most part I can figure out what he’s saying if I pay close attention. 🙂

Oh and last week he decided to start potty training himself. Except for yesterday, he’s been eagerly going potty now for almost a week. Of course, we always have toys or books to encourage him along the process. But he’ll get there soon enough. I just know it!!

He’s also keeping me incredibly busy! Except when he’s napping, there’s no slowing this little man down. So with his new found energy, I’m trying to coordinate a bi-weekly playgroup as well as weekly trips to the library. I think he’s enjoying it although he’d be content to sit and watch choo choo trains all day.

Speaking of, we were recently given a large set of wooden trains and tracks for Noah’s enjoyment. He can’t seem to get enough of them! Now, if I can start to incorporate his Lego blocks with the train tracks… we’ll be in business!!

Well, that’s all I can think of for now. I have so many pictures to post that I might have to do it in a separate post. Happy Thanksgiving!!


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